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How many beaches does Samal Island have?

How many beaches does Samal Island have?

Located just 2KM away from Davao City, travelers can easily go to the island via ferry. Samal Island is known as the largest resort city in the Philippines because it’s home to over 30 resorts dotted in its white-sand beaches and islands like Kaputian Beach, Canibad Beach, Talikud Island, and many more.

How do I get a travel order on Samal?

Here are the five steps to follow:

  1. Contact the resort. Showing an interest to get to Samal requires a conversation to the resort with which you desire a reservation.
  2. Recording of guest details.
  3. City Investment and Tourism Office validation.
  4. Tourist QR Code distribution.
  5. Present QR Code, Valid ID.

Is Davao worth visiting?

There are many beautiful destinations worth visiting when planning your trip to Mindanao in the Philippines. One of the places that you should highly consider going to first is Davao. A trip here will treat you to a fun escapade to beaches, waterfalls, and food adventures.

Why You Should Visit Samal Island?

Samal Island is the quick go-to destination of Davaoeños looking for beach time. Its proximity to the city and its beautiful beaches and other attractions often make it a top choice. Those from other cities and provinces will also enjoy all that the island offers.

Why should I visit Samal Island?

Where is Samal Island in Davao del Norte?

Samal Island or the Island Garden City of Samal in Davao del Norte is a popular tourist spot for those visiting Mindanao’s busiest metro, Davao City. Located just 2KM away from Davao City, travelers can easily go to the island via ferry.

Which is the best beach resort in Samal?

Kinawitnon Samal Island. Agape 2 Beach Resort is deemed as one of the budding resorts in Samal which just opened recently last August 2014. Babak Port. Babak Samal. . Babu Santa Beach Resort. Talicud Island. One of Talicud Island’s beach resorts is the Babusanta Beach Resort.

Which is the closest airport to Samal Island?

Here are some ways on how to get to Samal Island via Davao City. The closest airport to Samal Island is the Davao International Airport or Francisco Bangoy International Airport.

Where is the Garden City of Samal located?

Samal is also known as the Garden City of Samal of Davao del Norte, it’s a little known island that has mostly remained under the radar of travelers. It is just located off the coast South of Davao del Norte. It’s one of the many city Islands in the country that offers the best holiday experiences.

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