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How long does vault of glass take to complete?

How long does vault of glass take to complete?

Share All sharing options for: Clan beats Destiny’s first raid after 14 hours. Destiny’s first raid: Vault of Glass, was beaten about 14 hours after the content launched, according to a clan called PrimeGuard.

How many waves does a gatekeeper have?

There will be three waves of enemies, including Wyverns so everyone should be entirely focused on stopping any sacrifices.

How many Praetorians are in a gatekeeper?

The location of the Praetorian alternates each time, and there are six in total, so three will appear on Venus and three will appear on Mars. For this encounter, players can allow a few smaller Vex enemies to sacrifice themselves before it causes a team wipe.

Where to find the gatekeeper in vault of glass?

The objective of the Gatekeeper encounter in Destiny 2 ‘s Vault of Glass raid is to take out the mobs that spawn, especially the first Gatekeeper (unique Vex hydra) that’s right in front of the “plaza” (the open area). When the first Gatekeeper dies, it’ll drop the relic (similar to what you used during the Templar boss fight).

Is there a loot table for vault of glass?

In this Destiny 2 Vault of Glass guide, we’ll show you a loot table for Vault of Glass and all the different weapon rolls you can earn. Reddit user Testifye created this handy loot table for the Vault of Glass and its five encounters.

What’s the difference between vault of glass and Destiny 2?

The Destiny 2 version of the Vault of Glass raid has some small yet important changes when compared to its original counterpart. Encounters like Oracles and Gatekeepers have been overhauled, the loot from VoG is much more powerful, and some new challenges have been created to test your fireteam’s skill.

What are the best supers for vault of glass?

Good Supers for this challenge include: 1 Golden Gun 2 Blade Barrage 3 Nova Bomb 4 Chaos Reach 5 Thundercrash (be careful where you land) 6 Hammer of Sol More

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