How fast does a Sea Ray 260 Sundancer go?

How fast does a Sea Ray 260 Sundancer go?

Top speed was 42.7 mph (68.7 kph), burning 23.5 gph (88.95 lph). Best cruise was 30.7 mph (49.4 kph) – at that speed the 260 Sundancer managed 2.60 mpg (1.11 kpl), for a cruising range of 176 miles (283.24 km).

What does a Sea Ray 260 Sundancer weigh?

6,667 lbs

Base price $109,146 (USD)
Draft up 0.61 m (2′)
Draft down 1.04 m (3′5″)
Dry weight 3,024 kg (6,667 lbs)

How many feet is a Sea Ray 260 Sundancer?

26 ft.
Length: 26 ft.

What class of boat is a Sea Ray Sundancer?

Sea Ray – Sport Yacht L Class.

How much does a 27 foot Sea Ray weigh?

Make a splash without rocking the boat: The 270 Sundeck is geared for incredible stability, comfort and handling….Compare.

Base price $95,585 (USD)
Dry weight 2,687 kg (5,924 lbs)
Hull deadrise 21°
Cabin headroom N/A

How much does a Sea Ray 240 Sundancer weight?

4,300 lbs.
Dry Weight: 4,300 lbs. Tankage: Fuel: 60 gal.

Why are Sea Ray boats so cheap?

In the early Sea Ray days of the 1970’s and 80’s, the boats were not particularly well-built compared to the same luxury-level models of similar size and style. But at the price point they were offered, it became a more affordable boating option to middle-class America.

Do Sea Ray boats hold their value?

Sea Ray Boats has made a tremendous number of boats over the years. The value they hold depends on the line and the year, but overall, the depreciation isn’t too bad. For example, according to NADA, a 2015 Sundancer 310 retailed for $213,767 has an average resale value on the mid-East Coast of $135,900.

What does yacht certified mean?

Yacht Certification is provided by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) to confirm that a particular boat model has been manufactured to meet all ABYC standards of safety, design, and construction. To round out the process, each vessel is tagged with a permanent “Yacht Certification” plate.

How much does a Sea Ray Pachanga weigh?

5,183 lbs
The Pachanga® redefined sport boat styling when it was launched in 1969….Compare.

Base price $69,163 (USD)
Draft down 0.94 m (3′1″)
Dry weight 2,351 kg (5,183 lbs)
Hull deadrise 21°

How fast does a Sea Ray 240 go?

During a couple of runs at wide-open throttle (which was 5,200 rpm), we averaged a top speed of 49.1 mph. Cruising speed was around 32 mph, where we were running at 3,500 rpm….Sea Ray 240 Bow Rider Specifications.

Length 25’6″
Beam 8’6″
Draft (drive down 3’2″
Dry weight 4,500 pounds
Fuel capacity 57 gallons

How much does a 24 foot Sea Ray weigh?

Our 240 Sundancer is easy to operate, maintain and afford while also offering all the refinements that have made our industry-leading express cruiser series so popular….Compare.

Base price $88,909 (USD)
Draft up 0.52 m (1′8″)
Draft down 0.95 m (3′1″)
Dry weight 2,537 kg (5,593 lbs)

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