How far can a ATR 42 fly for?

How far can a ATR 42 fly for?

Data Summary

ATR 42-600
Take-off distance (MTOW, ISA, SL) 1,107m
Landing distance (MLW, SL) 966m
Range (max pax) 703NM / 1,302km

Is the ATR 42 safe?

The ATR-42 is actually one of the least safe models of the analyzed here. The massively produced Airbus 320 and Boeing 737-800 have a very low fatal accident record.

What does ATR stand for?


Acronym Definition
ATR Americans for Tax Reform
ATR Average True Range (financial indicator)
ATR At the Races
ATR Automatic Target Recognition

How much runway does a 737 800 need to take off?

According to the performance chart for the Boeing 737-800, at sea level under ISA conditions with a takeoff weight of 140,000lbs, the runway length requirement is 1510 metres. At an altitude of 1220 metres that same 737-800, requires 1830 metres. At 2440 metres that figure is 2470 metres.

How high can ATR fly?

ATR 72-600

Maximum Operating Altitude 25000 ft
Maximum Fuel Capacity 6360 lt
Maximum Shaft Horse Power 2 X (2750 SHP)
No of Engines 2

What is the maximum weight of an ATR 42-500?

This aircraft has an empty weight of 11,250 kg and a maximum weight at take-off of 18,600 kg. It has a maximum take-off weight of 41,005 lbs and a maximum landing weight of 40,344 lbs. The ATR 42-500 aircraft is driven by two Hamilton blades with a six-bladed Hamilton Sundstrand 568F propeller electronic control.

What kind of landing system does the ATR 42-500 have?

The landing mechanism on the ATR 42-500 aircraft is equipped with a hydraulically retractable tricycle. Landing landing feet are provided by Messier, wheels and brakes by Dunlop, anti-slip control by Hydro-Aire cranes and tires by Michelin (or optional Goodyear tires for operation on non-paved runways).

Which is faster the ATR 42-500 or the Q400 ng?

The ATR 42-500 has the typical retractable tricycle type landing gear that is so common on this type of plane. There are not many competitors for this powerful aircraft. One is the Q400 NG, which boasts a slightly faster cruise speed and longer range, putting it in a slightly different class than the ATR 42-500.

How big is the wing span of an ATR 42?

It has a pressurized cabin with a circular cross-section, with a 2.57 m (8 ft 5 in) inside width for four-abreast seating, allowing 48 seats at a 30 in (760 mm) seat pitch. It has a 54.5 m 2 (587 sq ft) wing area and a 24.57 m (80.6 ft) wing span, for a 11.1 wing aspect ratio.

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