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How does Dreadwing die in Transformers Prime?

How does Dreadwing die in Transformers Prime?

Dreadwing was about to make a blow at Starscream but was shot dead in the chest by his own blaster by Megatron. Megatron threatened Starscream to never make him regret sparing his life over Dreadwing.

Why does bulkhead hate breakdown?

Breakdown to Bulkhead in Operation Breakdown. Breakdown was a Decepticon soldier and warrior. During the war on Cybertron, he developed a rivalry with Bulkhead. Shortly after being saved, Breakdown developed a crush on Airachnid, which developed into hatred once again as he had hated her when he first met her.

Does wheeljack die in Transformers Prime?

Wheeljack has been shot down in a ship four times now, first by Vehicons in his debut in the Jackhammer, second in Triage by Laserbeak again in the Jackhammer, third by Starscream again in the Jackhammer in which it was also destroyed, fourth in Ultra Magnus’s ship by Unicron.

How did Skyquake die?

Skyquake was sent to Earth to guard Energon deposits. Years later he was awoken by Starscream but was soon killed by Bumblebee. Skyquake was resurrected by Starscream as a Terrorcon but ended up getting trapped in another Dimension after a Ground Bridge failure and lost his right arm in the process.

Is knock out an Autobot?

Knock Out is a Decepticon and later Autobot from the Prime portion of the Aligned continuity family. Sure, other Decepticons may scoff at his decision to go with a land-based alternate mode, but Knock Out couldn’t care less. He knows the value of looking good and isn’t afraid to let others know it.

What kind of car is breakdown in Transformers Prime?

Breakdown, a Lamborghini Countach, was one of the Stunticons in Transformers G1 and formed one of the limbs of Menasor. He also sometimes forms part of Galvatronus. Like all Scramble City style combiner limbs, he can form the any limb of any combiner or combine with Metroplex.

How did Dreadwing get back to Transformers nemesis?

Forced to team up with Prime, Dreadwing attempted to destroy the Armor with one of his explosives, which failed, before Prime gave him an idea, and planted explosives around Starscream, which on detonation sent him falling through the ice. With the loss of the relic, Dreadwing opted to return to the Nemesis, vowing to finish Prime another day.

How did Wheeljack get rid of Dreadwing in Transformers?

Wheeljack pulled out his blades and chased Dreadwing through a canyon. Dreadwing had placed bombs before Wheeljack arrived with Bulkhead. Wheeljack dodged a few bombs and cornered Dreadwing. Bulkhead appeared on top of the canyon to attack Dreadwing, but failed as Dreadwing’s bomb exploded under Bulkhead.

How did Dreadwing get buried in ice in Transformers?

However, Optimus Prime arrived on the scene, which Dreadwing ordered two Vehicons to guard Starscream. Optimus and Dreadwing demanded the relic (which none of them was able to obtain), and during their inevitable battle, Dreadwing was left buried under tons of ice, thanks to Optimus blasting an ice wall.

Why was Dreadwing executed by Megatron in Transformers?

Dreadwing was the third second-in-command of the Decepticons forces and the most loyal of the three. Dreadwing also had a strong sense of honor unlike the rest of the Decepticons but very like his twin brother. Later, Dreadwing was executed by Megatron for disobeying his orders during a vengeful personal dispute with Starscream.

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