How does a warrior tank hold aggro?

How does a warrior tank hold aggro?

Maintaining a high amount of threat is clearly the best way to hold aggro, but sometimes you just can’t do that. Be it an aggro resetting boss ability, incoming new adds that are just too hard to pick up or the good old “DPS goes all out before any threat could be built up”-situation.

How do you hold aggro as arms warrior?

Some things that might help:

  1. Set a kill order. You dont have to set an order for the entire enemy pack that you pull.
  2. Positioning. When you pull a pack focus your aggro mostly on the first kill target and let cleave/thunderclap get aggro on the other targets.
  3. mouseover sunder macro.

How do I maintain my aggro as a tank?

If the tank is not nearby, help him to regain aggro by running toward him. If he has to come to you, it makes it harder to maintain aggro on the other targets. Get close to him, let him taunt it off you, then move away and use any threat reduction abilities to help him keep it.

How do I maximize DPS protection warrior?

How To Improve As Protection Warrior — Shadowlands 9.1

  1. Cooldowns.
  2. Casting More.
  3. Always Face Enemies.
  4. Maximizing Damage Output.
  5. Timing Active Mitigation Correctly.
  6. Not Capping Ignore Pain.
  7. Not Capping Rage.

Do prot warriors use Whirlwind?

Whirlwind – Whirlwind is available to Protection Warriors now.

How do I make a prot warrior rage?

Protection Warriors have five baseline sources of Rage:

  1. Autoattacks – Each successful auto-attack generates 2 Rage. Simple, effective, boring.
  2. Enemy auto-attacks – Each enemy auto-attack that hits you causes you to generate 3 Rage.
  3. Shield Slam – 15 Rage (20 with The Wall)
  4. Thunder Clap – 5 Rage.
  5. Avatar – 30 Rage.

Does thunderclap generate threat?

Notes. Thunder Clap creates threat equal to 1.75x damage done. Thunder Clap’s damage is physical and is mitigated by the armor of the opponent.

How can a warrior make threats?

Generating Threat As mentioned earlier, players can generate threat by dealing damage, healing, casting beneficial buffs and removing harmful debuffs. Damage: Damage generates threat at a 1-to-1 ratio, so for instance 100 damage dealt would generate 100 threat.

Is Tanking easy?

Tanking is quite easy, just make sure to taunt the toughest mobs(and be able to take their hits). And try to taunt everything else. Players do not usually kick real tanks, even when they mess up. So don’t be afraid to try it.

What is the best tank spec in Shadowlands?

Protection Paladin. Protection Paladins are the only class in the game with a strict immunity spell, and a toolkit bursting with powerful cooldowns and combat utility abilities makes the spec one of the best in the game for tanking.

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