How does a Hozelock pressure regulator work?

How does a Hozelock pressure regulator work?

The Hozelock Easy Drip Pressure Regulator attaches to your outside tap and reduces the pressure of the water to 20PSI (1.5 bar) to ensure that your irrigation system is not over pressurised and that performance is optimised.

How much does an automatic watering system cost?

According to Home Advisor, the national average for a new sprinkler costs $2,429. At the lower end of the scale, the cost is $500, and the high end is $4,600. The typical cost for an irrigation system ranges from $1,759 to $3,350.

What is the best garden watering system UK?

Best garden watering system 2021: irrigation without irritation

  • OMORC. Automatic Water Timer.
  • Gardena. Water Timer.
  • Bosch. GardenPump 18.
  • Hozelock. Sensor Controller Plus.
  • Gardena. AquaBloom Solar-Powered Irrigation.
  • Lechuza. Balconera Cottage 80.
  • Kärcher. SensoTimer ST6 Duo Ecologic.
  • Vegepod. Raised Garden Bed.

What pressure is mains water?

one bar
Water suppliers’ statutory service standard level of mains water pressure is 10 metres/head (or one bar). This means there is enough force/pressure to push the water to a height of 10m.

How much value does a sprinkler system add to a house?

Adding a sprinkler system is an investment that can add upwards $3,000 of value to your home. It adds curb appeal, convenience, and water efficiency features to your home for the market.

Can a Hozelock garden hose be rewinded?

Hozelock garden hoses are robust for everyday use, flexible for easy watering and are anti-kink to ensure the water never stops. The Hozelock Auto Reel stores your hose neatly and can automatically rewind it when you’ve finished watering your garden.

What do you need to know about Hozelock?

For over 60 Years, Hozelock has combined a knowledge and passion for gardening with a pride in craftsmanship. Furthermore, Hozelock specialise in finding and meeting the needs of gardening and gardeners. Also, the comprehensive range of watering, spraying, plant protection & pond solutions helps gardens to flourish & come to life.

What can a Hozelock garden sprayer be used for?

Hozelock Connectors ensure a leak free connection between taps, hose and attachments. Sprayers can be used for a number of different purposes around the garden, including killing weeds, protecting plants and feeding plants. Most significantly, the Hozelock Sprayer range is great for all uses.

How much does a Hozelock tap splitter cost?

Tap splitters seems to be expensive on Amazon and usually split four ways – we bought a 2 way Hozelock splitter for £8 from Robert Dyas. The flow to the timer is on all the time and the hose pipe attaches on the other side and can be used as normal and turned on/off as required.

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