How do you use TIP 122 transistor?

How do you use TIP 122 transistor?

Applications of TIP122

  1. It is used to adjustment of high current loads such as 5 amperes.
  2. It is used as an average Power switch.
  3. It works where higher intensification is desirable.
  4. It used for velocity controller of Motors.
  5. It used in Inverter and other rectifier circuitries.

What is the function of TIP122 transistor?

The TIP122 is a Darlington pair NPN transistor. It functions like a normal NPN transistor, but since it has a Darlington pair inside it has a good collector current rating of about 5A and a gain of about 1000. It can also withstand about 100V across its collector- Emitter hence can be used to drive heavy loads.

What is a tip 120 transistor?

The TIP 120 is a NPN darlington transistor with a current gain of 1000 that is a good choice for interfacing many higher current or higher voltage loads to an Arduino or other microcontroller. It can be used to control DC motors, solenoids or strings of LEDs with minimal current draw from the microcontroller.

What is a TIP122?

The TIP122 is a silicon NPN Darlington transistor in a TO-220 type package designed for general purpose amplifier and low-speed switching applications.

How do you test if a transistor is working?

Hook the positive lead from the multimeter to the to the BASE (B) of the transistor. Hook the negative meter lead to the EMITTER (E) of the transistor. For an good NPN transistor, the meter should show a voltage drop between 0.45V and 0.9V. If you are testing PNP transistor, you should see “OL” (Over Limit).

What is BC547 transistor?

BC547 is a Bipolar Junction Transistor, abbreviated as BJT. It is an NPN transistor. It has three terminals named as: Emitter. Collector.

What does a transistor do?

transistor, semiconductor device for amplifying, controlling, and generating electrical signals. Transistors are the active components of integrated circuits, or “microchips,” which often contain billions of these minuscule devices etched into their shiny surfaces.

How do you know if a transistor is defective?

Connect the negative probe to the “N” or the emitter. A good transistor will read a voltage around 0.7V. A bad transistor will read otherwise. Otherwise means a value that is far away the 0.7V level.

What is the best transistor?

Best Transistors: BJTs

  • #1 NPN – 2N3904. You can find most often NPN Transistors in low-side switch circuits.
  • #2 PNP – 2N3906. For high-side switch circuits, you need a PNP style BJT.
  • #3 Power – TIP120.
  • #4 N-Channel (Logic Level) – FQP30N06L.

Is BC547 a PNP?

BC547 PNP Transistor, SMD.

What is BD140 transistor?

BD140 is a medium power bipolar junction transistor that is mainly used for switching and amplification purpose. It belongs to the PNP transistor category and comes in the TO-126 package. It is made up of silicon material with collector current 1.5A which indicates it can support loads under 1.5A.

When would you use a transistor?

One of the most common uses for transistors in an electronic circuit is as simple switches. In short, a transistor conducts current across the collector-emitter path only when a voltage is applied to the base. When no base voltage is present, the switch is off. When base voltage is present, the switch is on.

Which is a replacement for the tip122 transistor?

The TIP127 is a complementary PNP transistor for the TIP122. Replacement and Equivalent for TIP122

What is the Order of tip120 and tip122?

November, 2014 −Rev. 9 1Publication Order Number: TIP120/D TIP120, TIP121, TIP122 (NPN); TIP125, TIP126, TIP127 (PNP) Plastic Medium-Power Complementary Silicon Transistors Designed for general−purpose amplifier and low−speed switching applications.

What kind of transistor has high current gain?

The TIP122 is a Darlington NPN transistor and it is very popular for its high current gain & high current. As the name suggests, the term Darlington means when the two transistors are available in a single pack for enhancing the gain at the o/p.

What are the features of a NPN transistor?

NPN Family transistors are TIP120, TIP121, TIP122, and PNP Family are TIP125, TIP126, TIP127 (PNP) This transistor you can use as a switch in electronic circuits to drive any load under 5A according to its features. This transistor can be used in many applications for power supply circuits, battery charger circuits, driving motors, etc.

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