How do you use the Kronos 4500 clock?

How do you use the Kronos 4500 clock?

1) Press the View Timecard Online soft key. 2) Swipe your badge or enter your PIN. 3) To select a time period, press the soft key that corresponds to the period of time for which you want to view timecard information. 4) If there is no information to show, a message tells you this.

How do you reset the time on a Kronos 4500?

Process for setting clock back to factory defaults Press More button six times On the sixth screen press Factory Defaults button Select Yes, then press the Enter key on the clock key board The clock will reboot.

How do I change the time on my Kronos clock?

Click on the name of a station you want to set with the right mouse button. When you do this, a menu appears. Choose “Properties” from this menu and click on the button labeled “Terminal Properties.” A new window should open containing several tab. Click on the Comms tab and choose “Set Date and Time”.

What is a Kronos time clock?

The Kronos InTouch provides an unrivaled user experience that reshapes the way employees interact with your workforce management system. All through a simple touchscreen time clock.

What is ADP quick punch?

• Provides a modern and simple timekeeping solution that translates to faster employee adoption, faster transactions, and improved productivity in recording time.

How do I fix my clock on ADP?

A: Reboot the clock by unplugging the power cord from the power outlet and plugging it back in. Give about 10 to 15 minutes before checking the timecards again to see if the punches are there. If no punches on timecards, please contact ADP for further support.

How do you set the time on ADP clock?

Have questions? We’ve got answers…

  1. To start the setup, tap the ADP Time Kiosk Icon on your device.
  2. Enter your ADP Login credentials on the Login Page, then tap Login.
  3. Enter a unique name for the Device, then tap Submit.
  4. Select your preferred employee clocking method, Badge Entry or Biometric Scan.

How does Kronos time clock work?

In order to maintain consistent time reporting, Kronos rounds clock punch times to the nearest 15‐minute mark. Anything within and including 7 minutes is rounded down to the nearest quarter hour. Anything 8 minutes or more from the quarter hour will round up to the next quarter hour.

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