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How do you set up ClearPlay?

How do you set up ClearPlay?

Choose ClearPlay to start playback with ClearPlay filtering….

  1. Use the direction buttons on the remote control to select Internet Connection on the player menu.
  2. Choose Scan then select Next.
  3. You’ll see a list of available networks.
  4. Enter your wireless password then select Next.
  5. A connection status message will display.

How do I add ClearPlay to Chrome?

ClearPlay with Amazon works on the Chrome web browser.

  1. Open the Chrome web browser. on your computer.
  2. Then in the Chrome web browser visit

Can you use ClearPlay on Iphone?

You’ll see a “Watch with Family Play” option for any title that works with the new feature, which is powered by ClearPlay. For now, it works on iOS, Android, Xbox One, the web, and newer TVs from LG and Samsung.

Does ClearPlay work on mobile?

Due to licensing, ClearPlay Streaming with Google Play currently works on your computer (not a mobile device). ClearPlay Streaming with Google Play currently works on your computer (not a mobile device).

How do I download ClearPlay filters?

You can go to to get the latest version of Java. Click on the big blue Free Java Download button. Follow the instructions to install Java. The fastest and most convenient way to get updated ClearPlay Movie Filters is with Easy Updates!

Does ClearPlay work with Netflix?

How does Clearplay work with streaming movies? Clearplay has an app that works with streaming movies rented or purchased at Amazon, Netflix, and Disney Plus.

Does VidAngel work with Hbomax?

What platforms can you use VidAngel on? Streaming devices that are compatible with VidAngel are: Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Movies Anywhere, and HBO Max.

Is there a way to filter Netflix shows?

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen to the Profile & Parental Controls section, where you’ll see a list of all the profiles in your Netflix account. Select the down arrow to the right of the kid’s profile, scroll down to Viewing Restrictions on the list of options and select Change.

Did VidAngel Win Lawsuit?

Utah-based VidAngel settles $62 million copyright lawsuit with Hollywood studios. SALT LAKE CITY — VidAngel, the family-friendly movie filtering service that was the subject of years of copyright litigation, has settled a long-running multi-million dollar lawsuit with major Hollywood studios.

Does ClearPlay work with HBO Max?

Now available on HBO Max with Clearplay filtering: “Rise of the Guardians”…

How does ClearPlay work on my Chrome browser?

Clearplay uses what is called a “Chrome Extension.” It is a very simple add-on to your computer’s Chrome browser. When movies are streamed from the extension automatically applies your filter settings to the movie while it is playing. Does the Clearplay Chrome extension work on smartphones?

How much does ClearPlay cost for a month?

How much does ClearPlay cost? After the free trial, a ClearPlay subscription costs $7.99 per month. Which movies can ClearPlay filter? ClearPlay works with a wide variety of popular movies.

Is it legal to stream movies on ClearPlay?

At Clearplay we are very respectful of copyright laws. Clearplay only works with authorized streaming providers, and Clearplay only works with movies streamed directly from these authorized streaming providers. The studios have repeatedly referenced ClearPlay as a legal example of making movies family friendly. Clearplay cost?

How many patents does ClearPlay have to date?

© 2020 CLEARPLAY INC. Patents: 10313744, 10304494, 9762963, 9628852, 9451324, 9392245, 9066046, 9015571, 8935717, 8861939, 8819263, 8776100, 8117282, 7975021, 7577970, 7543318, 7526784, 6898799, 6889383, More Pending What is Clearplay? ClearPlay helps make streaming movies family friendly.

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