How do you pay for ETR?

How do you pay for ETR?

407 ETR offers several convenient ways to pay your bill:

  1. Online.
  2. Through pre-authorized payments.
  3. Through your financial institution’s online banking, telephone banking, or at the teller using your 407 account number.
  4. By cheque.
  5. By telephone.
  6. In person at 407 ETR’s Customer Service Centre.

How does the toll 407 work?

Highway 407 is an electronically operated toll highway; there are no toll booths along the length of the route. Distances are calculated automatically using transponders or automatic number-plate recognition, which are scanned at entrance and exit points.

What is the difference between 407 and 407 ETR?

The Government of Ontario sets and regulates tolls and fees on Highways 407, 412 and 418. 407 ETR establishes the tolls and fees for Highway 407 ETR. Your 407 ETR transponder is valid on any toll highway in Ontario – including Highway 407, Highway 412, Highway 418 and 407 ETR.

How can I reduce my 407 bill?

407 ETR offers a Financial Hardship Program for qualifying customers who are in Plate Denial and owe in excess of $1000.00 on their account. This program is available to those who cannot afford to pay their outstanding charges in full, are experiencing financial difficulties and require plate renewal at MTO.

How do you pay tolls in Canada?

Generally, you can pay for toll roads in Canada online, or over the phone. You can commonly pay with Visa, Mastercard or American Express. You will also have to pay a toll for each border crossing into the United States and back into Canada. At some border crossings, you may be able to pay in cash for the toll.

Does the 407 connect to 115?

The Highway 407 East Phase 2 project extends Highway 407 about 22 kilometers from Harmony Road in Oshawa to Highway 35/115 in Clarington and connects Highways 401 and 407 with Highway 418 that serves as a north-south freeway. The Highway 407 East Phase 2 is a toll road and owned by the Ontario government.

How can I pay my 407 bill without account number?

How to Pay 407 ETR Bill without an Account

  1. Through your financial institution online banking system.
  2. Telephone banking.
  3. By cheque.
  4. In-person at 407 ETR’s customer care at 6300 Steeles Avenue West (credit card may be required)
  5. If you have an account but don’t want to log in, you can pay via this link.

What happens if I don’t pay my 407 bill?

As outlined in the Act, if a 407 bill is outstanding for 35 days, a notice of failure to pay can be sent to the customer. Upon receipt of a notice of failure to pay, a customer may pay their bill and/or send a notice of dispute within 30 days listing one or more of the permitted grounds for dispute set out in the Act.

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