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How do you manage communication between different controllers?

How do you manage communication between different controllers?

How do you manage communication between different Controllers? You can create events to enable communication between controllers. You can allow one controller to trigger events in different controller. All events that you create in component controller they are available in component.

How do you debug Web Dynpro application step by step?

  1. In the menu, choose Utilities Settings… .
  2. Choose the parent tab page ABAP Editor.
  3. Under Editor, select the option Front-End Editor (new).
  4. Switch to the Debugging tab page.
  5. Under ABAP Debugger, select the option New Debugger.
  6. Save your entries.

What is cardinality in Webdynpro ABAP?

When a node is created in the context of a Web Dynpro component, the cardinality of the node is specified. The cardinality defines how often a node is to be instantiated at runtime – that is, how many elements of this node are available at runtime.

Which controller types can exist within a Web Dynpro component?

Each Web Dynpro component contains at least one global controller that is visible within the component for all other controllers….Controllers in Web Dynpro for ABAP

  • View Controller.
  • Global Controller.
  • Interface Controller.

What is the way in which we can refer to the current controller interface in Web Dynpro?

The attribute WD_THIS declared in any controller refers to the interface of the current controller and the attribute WD_CONTEXT declared referes to the corresponding context of the controller. Events: Events can be created in component and custom controller.

Where is the Web Dynpro component from Web Dynpro application?

To check fully qualified domain name, go to Web Dynpro explorer in the ABAP development environment use T-code − SE80 and select the Web Dynpro application from the navigation tree for your Web Dynpro component/interface and check the URL in the administration data.

What is context node in Webdynpro ABAP?

Context is a temporary place where we declare data deceleration’s in the form of nodes and attributes. Each context has a hierarchical structure. It contains a root node CONTEXT and the different context elements are arranged below it.

What is node in Web Dynpro ABAP?

Creating a node in webdynpro for ABAP, nodes and attributes in web dynpro for ABAP programming. Node : Node is nothing but a collection of attributes, node can be used as internal table or work area based on the selected cardinality . Nodes can be created in view controller, component controller and window controller .

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