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How do you get treasure maps in Dragon Quest 9?

How do you get treasure maps in Dragon Quest 9?

Treasure maps can be received via Tag Mode with other copies of Dragon Quest IX. When entering Tag Mode, each player is able to choose a single treasure map which they possess to share with other games.

Where is Zere rocks in Dragon Quest 9?

the peak of the Heights of Loneliness
Zere Rocks is a stone replica of the town of Zere in Dragon Quest IX. It is located at the peak of the Heights of Loneliness. It was made by a sculptor named Mason.

How much HP does equinox have dq9?

It first appeared as a grotto boss in Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies but was later regulated as an enemy….#283 – Equinox.

#283 – Equinox
HP MP Experience Gold 1800 255 10000 825 Attack Defense Speed 180 180 117
Dropped Item Dragontail whip, Vesta gauntlets
Locations Grotto

What is the fastest way to get money in Dragon Quest 9?

Here are some more techniques:

  1. Gold Golems, which you can find in the ditch south of Gleeba, drop 505 gold each.
  2. Use Alchemy to make Ear Cosys (Fur Hood + Bunny Tail + Lambswool) and sell them.
  3. Use Alchemy to make Gold Mails (Silver Mail + Gold Ring + Gold Bracer) and sell them.

Where is batzorig?

Batzorig is in the southern yurt. Talk to him and give him the bodura grass. Go to Batsureg, and go northwest toward the chief’s hut.

How do you get to Mount huji?

Boss Battle: Tatsunaga Have Sylvando cast Oomphle on your swordsmen and spam Dragon Slash until the creature escapes back to his lair. With the village safe, go back to Miko’s shrine and enter one of the rooms so her maid can give you the key for the locked gate on Mount Huji.

Where are the treasure maps in Dragon Quest 9?

Dragon Quest 9 Treasure Maps. These Dragon Quest 9 treasure maps were made by Zaraf: (Click each map to see it’s full size.) Area 1 – Angel Falls. Area 2 – Zere & Doomingale. Area 3 – Eastern & Western Stornway. Area 4 – Eastern and Western Coffinwell. Area 5 – Newid Isle. Area 6 – Slurry Coast, Dourbridge and Lonely Plains.

How do you find the grotto in Dragon Quest?

To access a map’s grotto, the player must find the location marked by the map on the overworld. When the map is activated, meaning it is in use and displayed on the top screen, the player will see an exclamation point above the hero’s head on the bottom screen when they are in the correct location.

Are there legacy boss maps in Dragon Quest?

Legacy Boss maps are treasure maps which lead to grottoes/dungeons which contain only 1 floor holding a legacy boss from Dragon Quest I – VIII. These maps are considered bonus material and are only received using Tag Mode, by completing specific quests, such as #151, and as item drops from certain other treasure map bosses.

Is there a cannibox in Dragon Quest IX?

The following is a list of treasure chest contents in treasure map grottos in Dragon Quest IX . There is a 10% chance the chest will be a cannibox . There is a 10% chance the chest will be a cannibox .

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