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How do you get distilling extractor in Warframe?

How do you get distilling extractor in Warframe?

The Distilling Extractor drone can be forged using a reusable blueprint purchased in the marketplace. After forging your Drone in the Foundry, click on any Planet on the Solar System Map that you have unlocked all the nodes for and you will see a button with the text “Deploy Drone” in the middle left of your screen.

Where do I get a resource extractor in Warframe?


  • Mars, Deimos, Jupiter, Eris and Europa are planets that have two Rare Resources.
  • A player who plays often may find it wise to build additional extractors.
  • You can collect and deploy extractors via the Warframe App on your mobile device as well, making the extractors a reliable supply of free resources.

Can extractors break Warframe?

A damaged extractor slowly regains health. They seem to regenerate faster while they’re not deployed. An extractor can never take 100% damage during a single deployment. Which means that as long as you only deploy 100% healthy extractors, there is no risk that they will be destroyed.

How many extractors can you have Warframe?

one Extractor
You can only have one Extractor deployed at any such satellite at any given time. Meanwhile, the total number you can deploy across all of Warframe space is determined by your account level, or Mastery Rank.

Are extractors worth it Warframe?

Both extractors also have better options. There’s a Prime Distiller and a Titan Prime Extractor. This means that Distilling Prime has a 75% chance of receiving an unusual raw material, instead of a 65% chance. This increase is not enough, the distillation extractor is not worth it.

What is the best extractor in Warframe?

The Titan Extractor is the most basic Extractor in Warframe which is capable of extracting resources in 4 hours. This Extractor is mainly focused on obtaining all of the resources with a bigger chance to yield the common ones….Titan Extractor.

Titan Extractor Resource Chance
Rare 2%

Can extractors get Orokin cells?

Deploy Extractors to get Orokin Cells So, aside from doing missions, you can also deploy extractors on Ceres and on Saturn. The Distilling Extractor gives you a higher chance to get orokin cells so I would recommend using that instead of the Titan.

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