How do you fix LEKI hiking poles?

How do you fix LEKI hiking poles?

I hope that your gnome will be more helpful than ours.

  1. Pull your (Leki) trekking poles apart. Loosen each section of your pole by turning.
  2. Unscrew the expander. Turn toward you according to the photo.
  3. Remove the expander.
  4. Clean.
  5. Reassemble.
  6. Repeat.
  7. Troubleshooting.

How do I contact LEKI?

Please contact LEKI at (800) 255-9982, Ext. 1 or email service@leki.com to obtain an RMA# (Return Merchandise Authorization) to return the product for credit.

Where is LEKI based?

In 1970, he used these raw materials to produce his first ski poles to be sold under the LEKI brand, which stands for the owners and the company headquarters, i.e. Lenhart in Kirchheim.

How do you adjust LEKI poles?

Holding the upper section of the pole (the one with the handle on it) in the left hand twist the lower sections with the right hand: Clockwise to tighten and lock the pole sections into place.

Do Leki Poles have a warranty?

What does LEKI USA’s Ski Pole warranty cover? There is a one year warranty on our Carbon Shaft Ski poles and a two year warranty on Aluminum Shaft Ski poles. The two year warranty only covers HTS Series pole shafts that are 5.5 and higher. The warranty covers shaft breakage only.

Can you wash Leki gloves?

Proper care can extend the life of your gloves in a significant manner. Further, we recommend the gloves be properly ventilated, avoid packing them if damp or wet, and regularly wash dirt away with a damp cloth. Additionally, you may apply a gentle hand wash in lukewarm water with a low dose of mild detergent.

Is there a warranty on Leki trekking poles?

There is a 2 year warranty against BREAKAGE of the pole shafts on all models sold up to 2003. Poles from the 2003/04 range have a 5 year guarantee against breakage. breakage is not the same as bending! Leki also guarantee to hold spares for every individual model for 10 years past it date of manufacture.

Is it safe to pull apart Leki Poles?

quite safe to pull apart the pole sections. Leki design is very simple and effective – they are designed to be field maintainable and require no special tools to adjust or repair. Poles stick when adjusting. Check the pole for bent sections. Pull the pole sections apart and gently roll them across a flat table top.

How to take care of your trekking poles?

Proper fit, maintenance, and correct use are all key. First, take a moment to get comfortable with your trekking poles by reading the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer. Sure, trekking poles appear to be relatively simple pieces of gear, but reading the directions now can prevent a screw up later.

How often do they repair Appalachian Trail Poles?

The Leki team should know about maintenance: every year at the Appalachian Trail Days festival in Damascus, Va., they repair more than 400 sets of poles, some so battered, according to Fisher, “you can’t even tell what brand they are.”

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