How do you drive to the snowy mountains?

How do you drive to the snowy mountains?

Thredbo and Perisher can be reached directly by car, whereas Charlotte Pass can only be accessed by the over-snow transport from Perisher. If you are going to drive you will need to have snow chains – they must be carried in 2WD vehicles in Kosciuszko National Park between the months of June and October.

How do you get to the snowy mountains?

Getting to the Snowy Mountains NSW TrainLink Regional train and coach services run between Sydney and Cooma, Jindabyne and Bombala, via Canberra. There are services between Sydney and Tumut and Tumbarumba too, via Cootamundra. From Sydney or Canberra services connect to most other major centres.

Is there a bus from Jindabyne to Perisher?

Snowy Mountains Shuttles Daily buses to both Perisher and Skitube departing Jindabyne and surrounds 7.45-8am each morning. Door to Door service with lockable trailer for all your gear.

Do you need chains to drive to Jindabyne?

All 2WD vehicles will need to carry snow chains between 1 June and 11 October on the following roads: Snow chains are also recommended on Alpine Way between Jindabyne and Thredbo, and on Snowy Mountains Highway.

Can any car drive in the snow?

While Four Wheel Drive (4WD) and All Wheel Drive (AWD) vehicles do not require chains (under National Parks regulations), it is recommended that you carry and fit chains when driving on ice and snow. You may need them in the event of extreme weather conditions.

Do you need a 4WD for Snowy Mountains?

While 4WD and AWD vehicles are not required by law to carry snow chains, it is recommended they do so due to the high incidence of vehicle accidents in Kosciuszko National Park.

Can I travel to snowy mountains?

There are a number of ways to get to the Snowy Mountains. You can fly into the Snowy Mountains Airport near Cooma or choose to fly into Canberra, around 2hr 30min away. You can hire a car or arrange transfers from both these airports. There are also frequent bus services to the region.

How do you plan a snow trip?

How To Plan A Snow Trip – 7 Things You Need To Remember

  1. 1) Accommodation. For short stays at a snow resort, you don’t typically need to book really far in advance.
  2. 2) Flights.
  3. 3) Ground Transport.
  4. 4) Visa.
  5. 5) Lift Tickets & Season Passes.
  6. 6) Travel Insurance.
  7. 7) Jobs.

How much is shuttle from Jindabyne to Perisher?


Snowlink Winter Shuttle Destinations Price
Jindabyne to Perisher $55 + NP entry For same day Return
One-way Jindabyne to Perisher $55 + NP entry
One-way Perisher to Jindabyne $55 / per person

How much is the bus from Jindabyne to Perisher?

Daily shuttle bus service from Jindabyne and surrounds to both the Skitube and Perisher from just $25 return.

Can you get to Jindabyne without going through Canberra?

You can travel by car, by air or by coach. No matter what your preference Absolute Alpine will help to get you here. By Air – Qantas and Virgin Blue service Canberra Airport from major Australian cities. By Coach – During the winter months there are several bus companies that travel to and from the Snowy Mountains.

Where are the Snowy Mountains located in NSW?

The Snowy Mountains is located in the South East and Tablelands region of NSW, around 490 kilometres from Sydney.

Is there a bus service in the Snowy Mountains?

Private bus operators and taxi services run throughout the Snowy Mountains. Find an operator in the Snowy Mountains. A trial bus service connecting Jindabyne, Perisher and Thredbo will make travelling through Kosciuszko National Park even easier this snow season.

What to see on the Snowy Range Scenic Byway?

Wildflowers carpet the alpine meadows throughout the summer. The Snowy Range Scenic Byway takes the traveler from sagebrush prairie to a high-altitude alpine environment including all of the major life zones in the Rocky Mountain west.

What are the attractions in the Snowy Mountains?

The region is well known for the Snowy Mountains Scheme, Australia’s greatest engineering project that creates hydro-electricity. Other attractions include the UNESCO-protected Biosphere Reserve, the limestone Yarrangobilly Caves, the Tuross Falls and the platypus reserve in Bombala.

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