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How do you become a fellow at the Aspen Institute?

How do you become a fellow at the Aspen Institute?

Candidates for Fellowship should be holding state or local elective public office and between the ages of 25 and 50. They must be intelligent, thoughtful, and, regardless of political viewpoint, willing to engage in a civil manner even with those with whom they may disagree.

What is an Aspen fellowship?

Introducing The Aspen Fellowship, a 6-week program helping black undergrad students build the skills they need to jumpstart their careers. Fellows will be paired with advisors who manage the project’s scope, development, and overall direction.

Does the Aspen Institute give grants?

Washington, D.C. Aspen Institute was awarded $7,170,337 between 1981 and 2020, including 32 grants in Impact Investments, Nuclear Challenges, Digital Media & Learning, Discovery Grants, Migration, Human Rights and Policy Research.

What does the Aspen Institute do?

The Aspen Institute is a global nonprofit organization committed to realizing a free, just, and equitable society. Founded in 1949, the Institute drives change through dialogue, leadership, and action to help solve the most important challenges facing the United States and the world.

How does the Aspen Institute make money?

The Aspen Institute is largely funded by foundations such as the Carnegie Corporation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Gates Foundation, the Lumina Foundation, and the Ford Foundation, by seminar fees, and by individual donations.

How many Aspen Fellows are there?

The ever-growing Aspen Global Leadership Network includes nearly 1,900 Fellows from 48 countries. Fellows can use their businesses and positions to create new ventures and jobs.

Who funds the Aspen Institute?

What are capacity building grants?

A capacity-building grant is a financial award to a nonprofit organization used to develop competencies, strategies, systems, and structures in order to improve organizational effectiveness. These capacity-building grant activities strengthen an organization to grow impact and accomplish its mission and goals.

Who is behind the Aspen Institute?

Walter Paepcke
The institute was largely the creation of Walter Paepcke, a Chicago businessman who had become inspired by the Great Books program of Mortimer Adler at the University of Chicago.

Who runs the Aspen Institute?

Elliot GersonExecutive Vice President
David H. LangstaffExecutive Vice PresidentMaria Laura AcebalVice President for Strategic Development and Corporate SecretaryDaniel R. PorterfieldPresident and CEO
Aspen Institute/Executives

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