How do postpaid phones work?

How do postpaid phones work?

With a postpaid phone plan, you receive your bill at the end of your monthly billing cycle. What you pay depends on your phone usage during that month. It differs from a prepaid phone plan because you pay at the end of the billing cycle, instead of upfront like you would with a prepaid plan.

How does Globe Plan 599 work?

This line-only plan comes with unlimited calls, texts, and landline to all networks, so you are not held back when you need to make those business phone calls. To top it all off, this plan also comes with KonsultaMD, a subscription-based telehealth service that’s available 24/7.

Do you get free phones with Globe postpaid?

A brand new smartphone powered by GPlan is yours to own. Browse through our hottest postpaid phones and get discounted or FREE devices with your Globe Postpaid plan. This offer is for a 24-month contract period. This offer is for a 24-month contract period.

What are the perks of the Globe postpaid plan?

Globe Postpaid plans are now bigger and better than ever! Introducing the all-new GPlan that lets you enjoy worry-free surfing, calls and texts, as well as limitless life enablers that let you take control of the life you want. Enjoy big data and free GoWiFi that allow you to always stay connected in the new normal.

Can a Globe postpaid account holder unlock a device?

Globe Postpaid account holders can request for device unlocking if the following eligibility rules are met: Customer should be out of contract (if within contract, pre termination fees will apply) Customer must have no outstanding balance to Globe. Account holder should make the request to Globe.

How do I renew my Globe mobile plan?

GET IT WITH THEPLAN 999. You can also call (02) 7730-1010 to apply for a new plan. To renew your plan, please call 211 toll-free on any Globe mobile or (02) 7730-1000.

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