How do I use SAP Strust?

How do I use SAP Strust?


  1. Access transaction STRUST.
  2. Navigate to the PSE for SSL Client Standard and open it by double-clicking the PSE.
  3. Switch to edit mode.
  4. Choose the Import certificate button.
  5. In the Import Certificate dialog box, enter or select the path to the provided certificates and choose Enter.

What is Strust certificate in SAP?

STRUST is a transaction code used for Trust Manager in SAP. It comes under the package STRUST. When we execute this transaction code, S_TRUSTMANAGER is the normal standard SAP program that is being executed in background.

How do I upload a certificate to Strust?

Import a Certificate to SAP System Trust Store

  1. Log in to SAP and go to the STRUST transaction.
  2. Select. SSL Client (Standard) and specify the password. In the. Import Certificate.
  3. Click the. Import. icon and select the . crt file in PSE format.
  4. Click. Add to Certificate List. .
  5. Restart the ICM.

How can I change my certificate in Strust?

Here are detailed steps:

  1. Create a new SSL Server Identity. In transaction STRUST, choose the menu option “Environment => SSL Server Identities”
  2. Create a temporary PSE.
  3. Copy certificate list in the old PSE to the temporary PSE.
  4. Have the temporary SSL Server PSE certified by CA.
  5. Replacement preparation.

What is the use of Strust?

Transaction code STRUST is used to manage the public-key information thus enabling the solid trust relationships on the business transactions especially with the use of the Internet where company borders become less transparent.

How do I create a CSR in Strust?

How to create a CSR and import the certificate response in STRUST

  1. Go to transaction STRUST and check the PSE under SAP Server Standard:
  2. Make sure that it is at least RSA/2048/SHA256:
  3. Save and exit STRUST and come back to the same transaction.
  4. Double-click on the new PSE and select “Create Certificate Request”

How do I download a certificate from Strust?


  1. In the BW system, start the trust manager (transaction STRUST).
  2. Expand the SSL server PSE node and select a server with a double-click.
  3. Select the certificate with a double-click.
  4. Export the certificate to a file by choosing the symbol for.
  5. Select the File tab page.
  6. Note the location of the file.

How do I export a certificate from Strust?

How do I restart a ICM service in SAP?

To restart the ICM, go to the transaction SMICM . Navigate to Administration > ICM > Exit Hard > Global. The ICM restart message will appear. Select Yes.

How do I create a PSE file in Strust?

  1. Start the trust manager (transaction STRUST).
  2. Using the context menu for the File node, choose Create (RSA). Caution.
  3. Enter the Distinguished Name parts in the corresponding fields according to your CA’s naming convention. Note.
  4. Save the PSE to local file (for example, the SAP Web Dispatcher’s SECUDIR directory).

What is PSE SAP?

A personal security environment (PSE) is a secure location where the public-key information of a user or component is stored. For example, the SAP Security Library (SAPSECULIB) stores the application server’s information in a PSE.

How do you create a PSE in Strust?


  1. Start Trust Manager (transaction STRUST).
  2. To maintain PSEs, toggle to change mode using the button.
  3. Select a PSE node.
  4. Using the context menu, choose Create (if no PSE exists) or Replace.
  5. Enter the components of the Distinguished Name of the system in the corresponding fields.
  6. Choose Enter.

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