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How do I talk to someone at WV unemployment?

How do I talk to someone at WV unemployment?

If you need to speak to a live customer service representative in West Virginia Unemployment customer service you need to dial 1-800-252-5627.

How do I check the status of my Pua claim in WV?

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) Go to and log in using your username and password to access your dashboard. Please check your inbox located on your dashboard for updates regarding your claim.

How do I contact WV workforce?

Office of Workforce at 1-800-252-5627.

How do I speak to a representative at WorkForce WV?

To contact Workforce WV by phone, call 1-800-252-JOBS (5627), or search for the number of your local office at

Can I file for PEUC after Pua?

PEUC is a temporary program that provides up to 53 additional weeks of payments to individuals who have exhausted their regular Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits. Note: This program does not apply to individuals receiving Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA).

How long does it take to get approved for Pua in WV?

As long as you remain unemployed, continue to file your weekly claim as instructed. You will be notified by mail when any decisions are made; these may take up to 21 days. Weekly Benefit Certifications lists the weeks for which you have completed certifications to continue your unemployment benefits.

What is the email address for Workforce West Virginia? You will need your Account Number and FEIN to file online.

What is the workforce program in West Virginia?

The State of West Virginia, WorkForce West Virginia (WFWV), is seeking Requests for Proposals (RFP’s) from public or private non-profit organizations with a goal of providing eligible individuals with the necessary resources to develop work related skills through a work experience program.

How to qualify for unemployment benefits in West Virginia?

In order to qualify for this benefit program, you must have West Virginia wages during the past 12 to 18 months and have earned at least a minimum amount of wages as determined by West Virginia’s guidelines. You must also be able to work and available for work each week that you are collecting benefits.

How to apply for a job in West Virginia?

– Complete, print, and save the application on your computer. – Write the job posting number in the upper left hand corner of your application. – Submit your application to the contact (person or agency) listed on the job posting before the closing date. Do not mail or submit your application to the WV DOP.

What is the mission of the division of personnel in West Virginia?

WV Division of Personnel. The mission of the WV Division of Personnel (DOP) is to: · Support State agencies in employing and retaining individuals of the highest ability and integrity. · Provide efficient and effective governmental services for the citizens of West Virginia.

What’s the number to West Virginia unemployment?

You may file your weekly claim certification either by going through our online web service by clicking or by calling 1-800-379-1032.

How do I check the status of my unemployment claim in WV?

How to check the status of your claim? Go to and select the 6 th option down “If you are a claimant and want specific information about your claim”. Go to and log in using your username and password to access your dashboard.

Who is over WV unemployment?

WorkForce West Virginia is a state government agency funded through the U.S. Department of Labor that oversees the state unemployment insurance program as well as a network of workforce development services designed to provide West Virginia’s citizens and employers the opportunity to compete in today’s competitive …

Can you email WV unemployment?

To obtain information in regard to an outstanding balance, an employer may contact the Compliance and Enforcement Unit at (304) 558-2451 or email them at

How do I speak to a representative at Workforce WV?

How much is WV 2021 unemployment?

The maximum weekly benefit amount is currently $424; the minimum amount is currently $24. You may receive benefits for a maximum of 26 weeks. (In times of very high unemployment, additional weeks of benefits may be available.)

How long does it take to receive unemployment in WV?

How and When will I get paid? As each week of being out of work is certified by the Claimant, payments are issued on a week by week basis. Generally speaking, once a Claimant certifies his/her week, it takes roughly 3 or 4 days for the payment to appear on the debit card or in the Claimant’s bank account.

How long does it take to get Pua in West Virginia?

Where is the unemployment office in Huntington WV?

Address and phone number for Huntington Unemployment Office, an Unemployment Office, at Park Avenue, Huntington WV. The Huntington Unemployment Office, located in Huntington, WV, is a government agency that oversees West Virginia unemployment compensation programs and unemployment insurance.

How to contact workforce West Virginia local offices?

WorkForce West Virginia Local Offices. We are here to help. Please search below to find an office near you or call 1-800-252-JOBS (5627) Zip Code For website inquiries, information or questions: Claimants call UC Benefits & Technical Support – 304-558-3309 Employers call UC Contribution 304-558-2676

How does unemployment benefit work in West Virginia?

Unemployment insurance benefits provide temporary financial assistance to workers unemployed through no fault of their own that meet West Virginia’s eligibility requirements.

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