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How do I submit a thesis to NBE?

How do I submit a thesis to NBE?

For inquiries pertaining to thesis, you may write to [email protected] No inquiries regarding thesis assessment status prior to 4 months after thesis submission will be entertained. Mention your Name, Subject, Registration No. and Date of submission of thesis in any correspondence pertaining to thesis with NBE.

Where do I send my DNB thesis?

should be intimated to the Board at email [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] so as to affect timely dispatch of your thesis acceptance letter and other communications.

How do I contact NBE?

  1. Telephone Numbers : 011-4605 4605.
  2. Fax Numbers : 011-45593009/45593031/45593014.
  3. Email : [email protected].
  4. [email protected].
  5. Postal Address : National Board of Examinations,
  6. Ring Road.
  7. New Delhi-110 029.
  8. Official Website : www.natboard.edu.in.

How do you write a thesis thesis protocol?

  2. PROTOCOL SIZE: The thesis protocol should be restricted to about 12‐15 pages. The suggested. format should include: 4(a) Title and details. 1 page. 4(b) Synopsis. 1/2 ‐ 1 page. 4(c) Introduction and Background. 1‐2 pages. 4(d) Review of literature and lacunae. 2‐3 pages. 4(e)

How do I submit a thesis to IITK?

The student submits the pre-submission draft of the thesis in a soft copy (PDF) to the Thesis Processing Cell (TPC) (email: [email protected]) with a copy to the Supervisor for Similarity Check and Formatting Check, along with the filled in Thesis Processing Form available at http://www.iitk.ac.in/doaa/data/ …

How do I send an email to NBE?

Hello Shreya Detroja, The email address for contacting NBE(National Board of Examinations) is ‘ma[email protected] ‘ or ‘[email protected]’.

How do I contact NBE by email?

In case you are still facing issues, then the NBE Candidate Care Support is available by phone and email….Contact us.

Helpline number 0124-6771700 / 1800 11 1700 (Toll Free)
Email [email protected]
Official website www.nbe.edu.in

How do I write a thesis statement for DNB?

The thesis should be typed in 1.5 space using Times New Roman/Arial/ Garamond size 12 font, 1” margins should be left on all four sides. Major sections viz., Introduction, Review of Literature, Aim & Objectives, Material and Methods, Results, Discussion, References, and Appendices should start from a new page.

How do you write a thesis for a proforma?

Format of the Thesis

  1. Title page. Your department will have a standard title page form you are required to follow.
  2. Abstract. Briefly state the (1) research problem, (2) methodology, (3) key results, and (4) conclusion.
  3. Table of contents.
  4. List of figures.
  5. List of tables.
  6. Nomenclature (optional).

How do I submit a PhD thesis?

How to submit a PhD thesis

  1. Get organised.
  2. ‘Thesis brain’
  3. Plan some time out.
  4. Beware of the inevitable guilt trip.
  5. There is no right way to complete a thesis.
  6. Do not – I repeat do not – finish proofing, print, bind and post off your thesis on the submission date.
  7. Recognise that the end is in sight.

How do you format a PhD thesis?

Guidelines for the General Format of a Ph. D. Thesis

  1. Paper format: Use the standard A4 format and set the same margins all around (e.g. 2.5 cm, top/bottom, right/left)
  2. Size & line spacing: The text should be in 12 point character and 1.5 spaced lines.

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