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How do I speak to someone at Rogers?

How do I speak to someone at Rogers?

Re: How do I reach a live person to speak to at Rogers?

  1. 1 800 575-9090. Mon-Fri: 8 am to 9 pm EST.
  2. 1 877 559-5202. Mon-Sun: 7 am to Midnight EST.
  3. 1 855 381-7834. Mon-Fri: 8 am to Midnight EST. Sat-Sun: 8 am to 11 pm EST. For our contact page please click here. Hope it helps, RogersArthur. Message 31 of 50. Happy01.

What is the phone number for Rogers billing?

1 888 764-3771
You can call Rogers at 1 888 764-3771 and follow the prompts to make a credit card, Visa Debit, or Debit Mastercard payment using the interactive phone system or dial *611 from your Rogers wireless device.

Why does my Rogers phone say no service?

If other phones in your home are having issues with their Rogers service there could be a network outage in your area. Try turning your phone off and waiting for 30 seconds before turning it back on. Sometimes this can help. For steps on how to restart an iPhone or Android phone, visit Restart your wireless phone.

Where is Rogers Communications Headquarters?

Toronto, Canada
Rogers Communications/Headquarters

Is Rogers 3 way calling free?

If your phone is capable of 3-way calling, then the only ‘extra’ fee is that you pay for the airtime to the other phones.

How do I view my Rogers bill?

You can now find out your balance much faster by dialing *BILL (*2455) from your Rogers Wireless device.

How do I cancel my rogers payment?

The best way to complete the cancellation of your Prepaid line would be to get in touch with one of our Prepaid agents. Please dial 1-800-575-9090, after selecting the language in which you wish to continue, press 4, then press 4 again. At the end of the third menu, press 1 to reach an agent quickly.

How do I contact Rogers without service?

If you have tried these steps with no success I would advise you to visit your nearest Rogers corporate store or (if you have access to another phone) contact customer service 1 -888-764-3771 to have them look into your account.

Why did Rogers lose service?

Ericsson software update identified as cause of outage, telecom company says. Jorge Fernandes said in a statement that Rogers “identified the root cause of the service issues and pinpointed a recent Ericsson software update that affected a piece of equipment in the central part of our wireless network.”

Is there a charge for calling 611 from Rogers?

There is no charge for *611 calls. If for some strange reason you’re being billed for it, call customer service at *811 to get it corrected. BTW, *611 is network support. If you simply dial 611 then you will get charged. 611 belongs to Bell Tech Support. Rogers cannot charge for *611 or 611 calls.

What is the phone number for Rogers customer service?

Rogers Customer Service Phone Number Phone Number:1 (888) 764-3771 Shortcut: N/A – Edit

How to block outgoing calls on my Rogers account?

into your My Rogers account at TO BLOCK OUTGOING CALL DISPLAY/NAME DISPLAY (PER CALL BASIS): To block your own wireless phone number from appearing on the phone you are calling, dial # 3 1 # before the number. 9 Note: If you subscribe to Voicemail,your Voicemail service will not take messages if you activate any of these services.

How does call forwarding work on Rogers Wireless?

Charges will start at the moment the calling party initiates the call by pressing SEND and includes the ring time. Customers can add the Call Forwarding add-on to their wireless voice plan (if it isn’t already included in their plan).

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