How do I sign into my BigPond email?

How do I sign into my BigPond email?

Access to email using your web browser Go to bigpond.com and click on the webmail link • Enter your BigPond username (or email address) • Enter your password, then click ‘Log in’.

How do I get a Telstra email address?

Add a mailbox: Log in to Telstra 24×7 My Account with your Telstra ID. Go to the ‘Plans and Usage’ column and select Manage your email accounts. Look for the list of current and past email addresses. Enter the username you want, and check its availability.

Why can’t I log into my Bigpond email?

If you are still having difficulty I suggest you have your password reset please visit bigpond.com/help/email and select ‘Password reset’.

Why can’t I log into my Telstra account?

Either call 132200 or send a message using the My Telstra app (blue icon, bottom right of Get Help screen) and if Codi tries to redirect you, type “Speak to a consultant” and you should be transferred to the queue to chat to a human. And yes, you can use the chat function in the app without being able to log in.

How do I recover my BigPond email?

To retrieve a deleted email:

  1. Log into Telstra Mail in your browser.
  2. Select Trash.
  3. Tick the check box next to the email you want to retrieve.
  4. Select More.
  5. Select Move To.
  6. Select Inbox.

Is Telstra and Bigpond the same?

They are one and the same. Telstra is phasing out the BigPond brand. Just decide which one ([email protected] or [email protected]) that you wish to promote to others.

Is there an email address for Telstra customers?

Telstra email and postal address Telstra does not offer a public email, citing security concerns. However, with Telstra 24×7 customer support by phone or live chat, there are plenty of ways to get in touch with their customer service. For all postal mail, including forms, applications, and complaints, customers can mail them to:

Where can I send a complaint to Telstra?

If you don’t wish to contact Telstra Complaints Team through your app, you can also use the Telstra online complaints form, or send a letter to their mailing address. Customers overseas can contact Telstra for free from their Telstra phone by calling +61 439 125 109.

Where can I find Telstra 24 / 7 support?

You can find Telstra 24/7 support online with their 24×7 Live Chat. Telstra Live Chat can connect you to Telstra customer service at any time, without needing to wait on the phone.

What is the phone number for the Telstra disability hotline?

For customers needing accessibility assistance, you can dial Telstra Disability Hotline at either 1800 068 424 (voice), or 133 677 (TTY). Telstra also offers a disability support enquiry form. Call Telstra from overseas Telstra’s overseas customer service number is +61 439 125 109, which is free to call from a Telstra phone.

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