How do I put airtime on Orange?

How do I put airtime on Orange?

To purchase Orange airtime:

  1. Dial *145# and press ‘send’ or ‘call’
  2. Choose option 3 ‘Mobile Top up’ and press ‘send’ or ‘call’
  3. Enter the amount of Orange airtime you want to purchase and press ‘send’ or ‘call’
  4. When prompted, confirm the transaction with your secret code and press ‘send’ or ‘call’

How do I top up my bmobile code?

topUp short cut that you can also use to top up your phone.

  1. Dial from your Bmobile prepaid phone “*190*topupamount#” and press send.
  2. Enter (1) to confirm the amount of top up and press send.
  3. Enter your (4) Digit security pass code – press send.

How do I reload my Orange prepaid?

How to recharge using your Orange code

  1. Enter #125*CODE# followed by the send button.
  2. Call 5123 and follow the instructions.
  3. Call #125*CODE# from abroad and follow the instructions.

Can I top up my Orange pay as you go online?

Using a Website. Go to You can use any web browser to enter the recipient’s phone number and send a top-up.

How do you recharge an Orange in Morocco?

How does Recharge work?

  1. Mail Orange.
  2. Call 121 from your Orange number in Morocco.
  3. Call 6631 211 21 from any other phone.
  4. Call 0021 2663 1211 21 from abroad.
  5. Visit the Orange website.
  6. Visit the Orange Facebook page.

How do I put credit on Orange Egypt?

Now you can recharge using the private recharge code through all Orange e-distributors/aggregators: Fawry. Bee….How to receive private recharge code:

  1. Dial #5050#
  2. You will receive private recharge code* to use for recharge.
  3. Provide the point of sale the code to e-recharge instead of the mobile number.

How do I top up my bmobile phone with a card?

Direct Top Up – credit is sent directly to the mifi number (available at our Stores nationwide). Using scratch card or e-card, dial 800-1234 from any mobile or landline phone and follow instructions.

How do I top up my prepaid card?

Locate a POSB/DBS ATM near you:

  1. Insert your ATM/Debit/Credit Card.
  2. Key in your 6-Digit Card PIN.
  3. Select More Services followed by Purchase/Top-up Card.
  4. Select the Telco (Service Provider) followed by TOP-UP CARD.
  5. Select your Account for top up and enter your Mobile Number for your mobile prepaid.

What is mobile topup?

Mobile top-ups are also called mobile airtime or recharge. It’s a simple way to send phone credit to your family or friend’s prepaid mobile phone so they can call, send messages, or surf the Internet depending on their phone company’s options. You may also know it as top-up, minutes, recharge, refill, load or airtime!

Can I top up someone else’s Orange phone?

If you’re not a registered customer, or you want to top up someone else’s phone you can make a one-off top up by credit or debit card 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Simply click here. If you have a voucher you can top up any Orange pay as you go phone by clicking here.

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