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How do I pull a version history in SharePoint?

How do I pull a version history in SharePoint?

View version history in SharePoint in Microsoft 365 or SharePoint Server 2019

  1. Open the list or library from the Quick Launch bar.
  2. Right click on the space between the item or document name and date, and then click Version History from the menu.

How do I access my version history?

The three most common ways to access the version history of a file are:

  1. Right-click the file name and click “Version history”.
  2. Check the box next to the file name, click the “File” tab in the ribbon, and click “Version history”.

What is the advantage of version history for a company?

Version history allows you to retrace the history of an item or a document, since the date and time it was first created till present. If it is a document you are checking, you can see all the changes taking place (physical changes to the document or metadata).

What are minor versions in SharePoint?

For example, a major version is usually one that is ready for a larger group to see and review, whereas a minor version is a draft that someone is still working on. Tracking both kinds of versions also helps to make the version history more meaningful.

How do I restore SharePoint?

Restore a deleted site in the new SharePoint admin center

  1. Select the site you want to restore.
  2. Select Restore. (If you don’t see the Restore button, make sure only one site is selected. The button won’t appear if multiple sites are selected.)

How to view version history in SharePoint Server?

View version history in SharePoint Server 2016, 2013, or 2010 Navigate to the list or library that contains the item or file you want to explore. Hover over the item or file for which you want to view the history, click the arrow that appears, and select Version History from the drop-down list.

How to restore a previous version of an item or file in SharePoint?

If your SharePoint lists or libraries are set to track versions, you can restore a previous version of a list item or file. To learn how you can delete a version, all versions, or just minor versions of an item or file if your list or library is configured for it, see Delete a previous version on an item or file in SharePoint.

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How does versioning work in a SharePoint list?

Lists can track only major versions. For more information on versioning, see How does versioning work in a SharePoint list or library. Note: Versioning is on by default in SharePoint libraries, and off by default in SharePoint lists. For more info on setting up versioning, see Enable and configure versioning for a list or library.

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