How do I log into ocean connect?

How do I log into ocean connect?

New Users: Your username is your first name, followed by an underscore, your last name and @students.ocean.edu. Your initial password is your 7-digit student ID number. Student ID number is always 7 digits long, and always starts with a 0.

What is my OCC ID number?

Your initial OCC Password is your Student ID number, which can be found on the My Account page of OCC’s online application. Please note, if you are earning college credit through your high school and did not complete an online application, you will receive your Student ID number in the mail.

How do I find my student ID for Ocean County College?

Get Your Student ID Students can obtain an ID card at the Security/Welcome Center at the South end of lot 1. Please bring your current schedule or paid receipt and a picture ID; drivers license, passport, or County ID, etc.

How do I change my ocean connect password?

If you have enrolled for Self-Service password resets and have forgotten your Ocean Connect password you can visit passwordreset.ocean.edu to reset your password. You will need access to either the personal email or phone number you used to enroll, to receive a verification code.

How do I check my OCC email?

Logging In

  1. Click here to find out your OCC UserName and Student ID Number.
  2. Your student e-mail address is: YourUserName@clasnet.sunyocc.edu ( e.g. a.a.student )
  3. Your WebAdvisor/OCC network password – The very first time you log in your password will be your 7 digit student ID Number ( e.g.0444444).

How do I find an academic advisor in Ocean County College?

For help using Student Planning, students can see their advisor or visit go.ocean.edu/advisingvideos.

How do I check my final grades OCC?

From the Student Menu, click the Grades link to view your grades. The following screen will display. Select the Term for which you would like to view your grades, then click Submit. On the page that displays next, grades for the selected term will display in the column marked Final Grd.

How do I register for classes at OCC?

STEP 3 – Register for Classes

  1. Go to MyOCC.
  2. Click Log In, enter your user name and password then click Submit.
  3. Click the Students button.
  4. On the Students Menu in the Registration section, click Register for Sections.
  5. Now enter your search criteria.

What is a passing grade at Ocean County College?

Incomplete grades (I) must be resolved within 30 days after the end of the course. No more than five days into the next term is allowed for prerequisite courses or the student must be withdrawn….Grading System.

Grade Description Grade Points
B Good 3.0
C+ Above Average 2.5
C Average 2.0
D Passing – Below Average 1.0

How do box books work?

The Box of Books project allows the College’s Bookstore partner, Barnes & Noble College, to purchase materials for all courses in bulk, significantly reducing prices to students. If you choose to add a Chromebook to your Box of Books, you’ll be charged an additional $180.

How do I get my transcripts from Ocean County College?

All students must order a transcript via our ordering website through the National Student Clearinghouse.

How do I change my major at OCC?

Can I change my major? Yes. You will need to meet with the veteran counselor to update your Student Education Plan and provide a copy to Veteran Services to complete additional change of major paperwork.

What is the username and password for ocean connect?

If you’ve used Office 365 before, then your Ocean Connect username and password are the same as what you used for Office 365. For faculty and staff, you can login to Connect using the same username and password you use for mail.ocean.edu​. Your username is your first name, followed by an underscore, your last name and @students.ocean.edu.

What’s the initial password for Ocean County College?

Your initial password is your 7-digit student ID number. Student ID number is always 7 digits long, and always starts with a 0. You can also find your student ID# by using What’s My OCC Id?

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