How do I get to dollet from timber?

How do I get to dollet from timber?

If you rode to the Dollet Station, all you need to do is venture south to find a road bisecting the train tracks, then follow the road east to Dollet.

How do I get to timber in ff8?

Approach the Station Staff standing at the entrance to Balamb Station, purchase a train ticket, and board the train to Timber. Pass through the security door, enter SeeD’s private cabin, and approach Zell. Onto the dream world. Find the car in Timber Forest and get in.

How do you get a map in ff8?


  1. D-Pad or Left stick: Move character/cursor/Steer vehicle.
  2. Right stick: Move vehicle forward/backward.
  3. Select: Toggle world map display.
  4. Start: Pause (D-button, O or X toggles Vibration ON/OFF)
  5. O: Open Menu Screen.
  6. X: Talk/Examine/Confirm/Get on/off vehicle.
  7. S: Move vehicle forward/HOLD = Lock camera angle.

Where is timber shop ff8?

Galbadian Continent
Timber is located within the Galbadian Continent and is a crossroad for the transcontinental railroad system. It is to the north of the Winhill Cape and to the south of Obel Lake.

How do you get the queen of cards to dollet?

To begin the sidequest the player must first get the Queen to move to Dollet. The Queen will change locations each time the number of the rare cards she holds changes; the player must either lose a rare card to her, or win one back from her.

How do I get to dollet from Galbadia garden?

Go to the Dollet Train Platform and board the train. Pass through the security door and return to the first compartment. Talk to Zell, leave him alone, and get off the train.

Where is Dollet?

The Duchy of Dollet is a small, independent duchy in Final Fantasy VIII lying in the northeast region of the Galbadia continent. It is the setting for Squall, Zell, Seifer and Selphie’s SeeD entrance exam.

Does ff8 have a world map?

The unnamed world of Final Fantasy VIII is relatively large and lush. The demographics of the world have no set province with an advantage over the other as they all appear to have access to the same types of facilities – apart from the mysterious and xenophobic Esthar. …

How do I get the call shop in ff8?

Call Shop (ショップ呼び出し, Shoppu Yobidashi?) is an ability in Final Fantasy VIII learned by the Guardian Force Tonberry. It requires the ability Familiar to be learned first, and requires 200 AP to learn before it becomes available in the menu. It allows the player to visit any shop they have visited throughout the game.

Can the Queen of Cards abolish rules?

To abolish a rule, play cards with someone from a city where you want a rule removed (which will be Dollet in this case), That person will then offer to mix the current region’s rules with the ones from the area you just came from. Agree to play. Quit at the Triple Triad screen.

How do you get to Dollet after timber?

If you got off the train prematurely just follow the winding tracks north from the East Academy Station until you reach the Dollet Station, then follow the aforementioned directions to get to Dollet. On the other hand, if you wish to return to Timber just follow the tracks south and they’ll get you there eventually.

Where is Dollet located in Final Fantasy VIII?

Dollet on the world map. Dollet is a small independent duchy situated within the Hasberry Valley in the Galbadian Continent, right on the edge of the ocean. According to the Final Fantasy VIII Ultimania, Dollet Dukedom is the last remnant of the Holy Dollet Empire, which once governed most of the world.

Where is timber in the field in Final Fantasy?

Timber’s location in the field map. Timber is located within the Galbadian Continent and is a crossroad for the transcontinental railroad system. It is to the north of the Winhill Cape and to the south of Obel Lake.

Where did the Holy Dollet Empire come from?

Together with Esthar, Dollet was founded by the Centra civilization, which controlled the entire southern continent. When Lunar Cry destroyed the Centra civilization, Dollet carried on as the Holy Dollet Empire, and eventually controlled the entire Galbadian continent as well as Balamb.

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