How do I get from Kalyan to CST?

How do I get from Kalyan to CST?

The quickest way to get from Mumbai CST to Kalyan (Station) is to taxi which costs ₹1,300 – ₹1,600 and takes 44 min. Is there a direct train between Mumbai CST and Kalyan (Station)? Yes, there is a direct train departing from Mumbai CST and arriving at Kalyan. Services depart every five minutes, and operate every day.

Which station is near to Mumbai Central?

Major Railway Stations near Mumbai Mumbai Central Maharashtra Mumbai

Station Train Frequency Distance
(CSTM)MUMBAI CST 536 3.94 Kms
(DDR)DADAR 105 5.94 Kms

Which station comes after Kalyan?

Central Railway Route Station Names After Kalyan – Vithalwadi Ulhasnagar Ambernath Badlapur Vangani Shelu Neral Bhivpuri Karjat Palasdhari Kelavli Dolavli Lowjee Khopoli.

How many railway junctions are there in Mumbai?

Some railway stations are being worked on by RLDA like Mumbai Central station. According to Lohia, there are nearly 112 railway stations in Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

How far is CST from Kalyan?

CST destination is at approximate 57.1 or 57.3 km road distance from Kalyan with 2 different routes being National Highway 3 and Kalyan Shilphata Road.

Is Railway Junction on Central Line?

The Central line of the Mumbai Suburban Railway is a public transit system serving Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It consists of 24 stations from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (formerly Victoria Terminus) to Kalyan Junction….Central line (Mumbai Suburban Railway)

Central line
Locale Mumbai, Maharashtra Raigad, Maharashtra Thane, Maharashtra

Is Kalyan a good place to live?

Kalyan West is a very good locality. It is well connected to schools, colleges, hospitals, malls and markets. It has good connectivity to roads and railway stations. Kalyan West.

How many Stations are there between Thane and Kalyan?

8 intermediate Stations between Thane and Kalyan Junction Covering a total distance of 20 km in 0h 32m time. The Departure time of Thane – Kalyan Slow Local from Thane is 14:33 and arrival time at Kalyan Junction is 15:05 .

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