How do I export data from Stata to Word?

How do I export data from Stata to Word?

Highlight the output you want to save, then use the pulldown menu to choose Edit and then Copy as Picture. This is illustrated below. You can then go to Microsoft Word and from its pulldown menu choose Edit then Paste.

How do you report exploratory factor analysis results?

Usually, you summarize the results of the EFA into one table which contains all items used for the EFA, their factor loadings and the names of the factors. Then you indicate in the notes of the table the method of extraction, the method of rotation and the cutting value of extracting factors.

How do you interpret uniqueness in factor analysis?

Uniqueness is the variance that is ‘unique’ to the variable and not shared with other variables. It is equal to 1 – communality (variance that is shared with other variables). For example, 61.57% of the variance in ‘ideol’ is not share with other variables in the overall factor model.

How do you write a PCA?

For a PCA, you might begin with a paragraph on variance explained and the scree plot, followed by a paragraph on the loadings for PC1, then a paragraph for loadings on PC2, etc. These would then be followed by paragraphs on sample scores for each of the PCs, with one paragraph for each PC.

What are the assumptions of factor analysis?

The basic assumption of factor analysis is that for a collection of observed variables there are a set of underlying variables called factors (smaller than the observed variables), that can explain the interrelationships among those variables.

What are the types of factor analysis?

Types of Factor Analysis Principal component analysis. It is the most common method which the researchers use. Common Factor Analysis. It’s the second most favoured technique by researchers. Image Factoring. Maximum likelihood method. Other methods of factor analysis.

How does factor analysis work?

Factor analysis works by investigating multiple variable relationships for concepts such as socio-economic status and collapsing them to a few explainable fundamental factors.

Why is factor analysis important?

Factor analysis in marketing is important because it reflects the perception of the buyer of the product. By testing variables, it is possible for marketing professionals to determine what is important to the customers of the product.

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