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How do I email Radcliffe and Maconie?

How do I email Radcliffe and Maconie?

Contact us

  1. Sms. 64046 – text during show times only. [Texts will be charged at your standard message rate. Check with your network provider for exact costs]
  2. Email. [email protected].
  3. Other. Write to Radcliffe and Maconie at BBC Radio 6 Music, 1st Floor, Dock House, BBC, MediaCity UK, Salford M50 2LH.

What happened to Radcliffe and Maconie?

The Cheshire-based Radcliffe was diagnosed with head and neck cancer at the end of last year, requiring the removal of tumours from his neck and mouth. He is now in remission. The illness forced him to spend several months off air, during which time Maconie broadcast on his own.

What time is Radcliffe and Maconie?

7–10 a.m.
3 hours (Weekends, 7–10 a.m.) Radcliffe & Maconie is a weekend radio programme broadcast on BBC Radio 6 Music in the United Kingdom and via the internet. It runs from 7–10 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday, and is presented by Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie.

How is Mark Radcliffe doing?

Radcliffe is now in remission and returned to broadcasting in February after a four-month break for treatment for head and neck cancer.

Is Mark Radcliffe related to Daniel?

Mark Radcliffe is an American film producer and one of the producers of the first three Harry Potter films. Despite having the same surname, he is not related to Daniel Radcliffe, who portrayed Harry Potter in the Harry Potter films.

Did the breakfast show with lard?

Following Chris Evans’ departure from Radio 1, Mark and Lard transferred to the flagship Radio 1 Breakfast Show in February 1997 – which they had presented as stand-ins for Evans. Mark and Lard moved to an early afternoon slot (2-4pm, later 1-3pm), where they continued until 26 March 2004.

How old is Radcliffe?

63 years (June 29, 1958)
Mark Radcliffe/Age

Why did Sean Keaveny leave 6?

Why did Shaun Keaveny leave 6 Music? Announcing his exit in July, the presenter explained he was leaving because it was ‘time for a change’. He said in a statement: ‘Things change, places change, people change, and it’s time for a change, after 14 years (it will seem longer to many) I’m leaving 6 Music.

Is Shaun Keaveny married?

Lucy Irvingm. 2009–2011
Shaun Keaveny/Spouse

Who is Mark Radcliffe married to?

Bella Sharpm. 1997
Mark Radcliffe/Spouse

Why did Marc Riley leave the fall?

Marc Riley – now a DJ but a Fall guitarist from 1978-82 – says he was sacked for hitting Smith back after the singer punished the band for an “average” gig by slapping each musician in turn.

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