How do I contact RMIT?

How do I contact RMIT?

General enquiries to RMIT

  1. Phone: +61 3 9925 2000.
  2. Postal address: RMIT University, GPO Box 2476, Melbourne VIC 3001 Australia.
  3. Street address: 124 La Trobe Street, Melbourne VIC 3000.
  4. Hours: Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm, Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Should I study abroad for a semester or year?

Studying abroad for two semesters offers more options and more flexibility than studying away for only one semester, but that doesn’t mean that studying abroad for a year is inherently better than for only a semester. Doing so merely gives you more time.

Is RMIT Recognised in Australia?

The Educator said the winners demonstrated the kind of innovation and creativity that is driving the education industry forward, from teaching approaches to learning spaces and curriculum design. …

Where is RMIT located in Australia?

The main campus of RMIT is situated on the northern edge of the historic Hoddle Grid in the city centre of Melbourne. It has two satellite campuses in the city’s northern suburbs of Brunswick and Bundoora and a training site situated on the RAAF Williams base in the western suburb of Point Cook.

How do I find my student number RMIT?

Your RMIT ID (username) is the letter ‘s’ followed by your student number (excluding any additional letters). You’ll find your student number in your RMIT enrolment email. Example: If your student number is 3123456D, then your RMIT ID would be s3123456.

Is RMIT University good?

RMIT has a global reputation for excellence in professional and vocational education, applied research, and engagement with the needs of industry and communities world-wide. There are at least 15 global ranking schemas, of which (QS, ARWU and THE) are considered the most influential.

How many semesters can you spend abroad?

two semesters
You can combine two semesters at different host universities and destinations or stay at one place for a year. Almost any combination is possible as long as the semesters don’t overlap.

What is special about RMIT?

RMIT is a global university of technology, design and enterprise. RMIT is a world leader in Art and Design; Architecture; Education; Engineering; Development; Computer Science and Information Systems; Business and Management; and Communication and Media Studies.

Is it possible to study abroad at RMIT University?

Study abroad at RMIT University in Melbourne A Study Abroad program is a fantastic opportunity for international students to study courses at RMIT University in Melbourne, for either one semester (around six months or two semesters (one year).

Who are the exchange partners for RMIT University?

Student exchange involves studying for one or two semesters at an overseas host partner institution. Exchange partners, sometimes known as host partners, are universities, colleges and institutes with which RMIT University has a reciprocal agreement. We send RMIT students to our exchange partners and they send the same number of students to us.

Can a SIM student study at RMIT Melbourne?

Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) students have the opportunity to study one semester at RMIT Melbourne as an inter-location exchange student. See the world, meet new friends and create international networks by joining our Student Exchange program.

How to contact RMIT University in New Zealand?

Phone: +61 3 9925 2260. Local student enquiry form. International student enquiry form. RMIT considers you a local student if you are Australian citizens, holders of an Australian permanent residents visa or New Zealand citizens.

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