How do I completely shut down Windows 8?

How do I completely shut down Windows 8?

Shut Down Windows 8 From the Settings Charms

  1. Swipe from the right to open the Charms Bar.
  2. Choose the Settings charm.
  3. Select the power button icon near the bottom of the Settings charms.
  4. Choose Shut down from the small menu that appears.
  5. Wait while your Windows 8 computer completely turns off.

How do I deep shutdown my computer?

If you would like to perform a full shutdown, simply hold down the SHIFT key on your keyboard and then click the “Shut down” option in the Start Menu, or on the sign-in screen. This will immediately close any open applications without prompting to save your work, and completely shut down your PC.

What is a full shutdown on PC?

In the traditional shutdown process, Windows fully shuts down everything, discards the running system state, and starts up from scratch the next time the PC boots.

How do I do a full restart on Windows 8?

Here’s how.

  1. Hover your mouse over the right top (or right bottom) corner of your screen to bring up the Charms menu.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select More PC Settings at the bottom.
  4. Select General then select either Refresh or Reset.

Is a restart the same as a shutdown?

How has that changed things, exactly? “Shutting down a Windows computer actually creates a deep hibernation file that the PC later leverages to allow for Fast Startup. A restart, on the other hand, completely kills all processes, clears the RAM, and clears the processor cache,” he explains.

How do you properly shut down Windows?

The easiest method is to simply hold down the shift key before you click the power icon and select “shut down” on Windows’ Start Menu, the Ctrl+Alt+Del screen or its Lock screen. This will force your system to actually shut down your PC, not hybrid-shut-down your PC.

Does Windows 8 really shutdown?

Windows 8 came with a new form of shutdown process that is also present in Windows 10, which closes all programs and then hibernates the computer so that the next time you start Windows, it will start much faster. This is also the same reason why it takes much longer to reboot your computer than to power off and power on.

How to shut down your Windows 8 device?

How To Shut Down Your Windows 8 Device Start Screen. If you have a touchscreen swipe from the right edge of the screen or place your mouse cursor into the right top hand corner. Windows 8 setup menu. A fly-out menu should now appear on the right side of your screen with buttons at the bottom that says ‘Internet’, ‘Volume’, ‘Brightness’, ‘Notifications’, ‘Keyboard’ and Power button.

Why is my PC not fully shutting down?

Another most probable causes of PC keeps shutting down is overheating. If the fans placed within the CPU or laptop fails to cool the machine, it results in unexpected shut downs. This is the desktop computers way to cool down and function normally.

How do you turn off your computer safely?

There are three ways to turn off your computer: pressing your computer’s power button, using the Shut down button on the Start menu, and, if you have a laptop, closing the lid.

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