How do I become a HEC Chairman?

How do I become a HEC Chairman?

The chairman is appointed by the Prime Minister for a four-year term based upon the requests and recommendations send by the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training.

Who is the Chairman of Higher Education Commission?

Chairman Higher Education Commission Dr. Shaista Sohail Executive Director, Higher Education Commission
Secretary Ministry of Science & Technology, Islamabad Secretary Higher Education Department Government of the Punjab, Lahore

Who is the director of HEC?

Name​ Designation Fax No.
Mr. Javed Memon (Regional Coordinator) Regional Director HEC 021-99230290
Mr. Muhammad Saleem Siddiqui Focal Person) Assistant Director -do-
Mr. Arshad Kamran (Regional Coordinator) Director General- RC HEC 091 921 7643
Mr. Shafi Ur Rahman (Focal Person) Assistant Director 091-9217878

What is the role of HEC?

​​​​The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan is an independent, autonomous, and constitutionally established institution of primary funding, overseeing, regulating, and accrediting the higher education efforts in Pakistan.

Who can supervise PhD students Hec?

The National Quality Assurance Committee (NQAC) in its 22nd meeting held on January 09, 2017 approved that Universities should appoint a PhD faculty member as supervisor of PhD/MS/MPhil/Equivalent research work only after he/she has acquired a minimum three (03) years of relevant teaching/research/professional …

How do I become a HEC approved supervisor?

  1. Step1. Click on URL to apply for HEC Approved Supervisor:​asa​
  2. Step 3 for New Users.
  3. Step 4 for New & Already Register Users.
  4. Step 5 Research Interest.
  5. Step 6: Undertaking.
  6. Step 7: Final Submission (Hard/Postal Copy)

Who is minister of education in Pakistan?

Shafqat Mahmood
Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training

Agency overview
Headquarters Islamabad
Minister responsible Shafqat Mahmood, Federal Minister for Education and Professional Training
Agency executive Education Secretary of Pakistan
Website Official website

Is UHS affiliated with HEC?

In the first-ever national academic ranking of the universities that was made public by the HEC on Thursday, UHS is ranked second in the category of medical and health sciences higher education institutions, Agha Khan University Karachi-a private sector institution- being the first.

Who is the current Minister of Higher Education?

The current education minister is Dharmendra Pradhan, a member of the Council of Ministers.

What is Pakistan qualification register?

Pakistan Qualification Register (PQR) is a comp​rehensive list of all quality assured higher qualifications in Pakistan. The Pakistan Qualification Register is a list containing every Qualification and the providers/Higher Education Institutions recognized/accredited to deliver and issue those qualifications.

What are the subjects in Hec?

HEC (History, Economics, and Civics) group: The students who are interested in the Indian history. The group has the more advantages that the subjects are very helpful in the competitive exams or recruitment examinations.

When was HEC founded?

HEC Paris/Founded

HEC Paris, founded in 1881 by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is one of France’s oldest élite higher education Grandes Ecoles. Throughout its 130-year history, HEC Paris has attracted talented, innovative, entrepreneurial, ambitious and open-minded individuals.

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