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How do I adjust my Fox Talas 32?

How do I adjust my Fox Talas 32?

Setting Sag

  1. Unscrew the center blue aircap in the middle of the TALAS travel adjusting topcap on top of the left fork leg (shown below), to expose the Schrader valve.
  2. Set the TALAS lever to the long travel position, turn off lockout and cycle the fork a few times.

How do you adjust a Fox Talas?

Turning the TALAS lever toward the “+” (clockwise) sets your fork in the long travel mode. When adjusting to long travel mode, your fork will extend once unweighted. Turning the TALAS lever toward the “-” (counter-clockwise) and compressing the fork sets your fork in short travel mode.

How do I install Fox 32 fork?

To install a FOX 32 mm fork on your bicycle:

  1. Install the new fork on the bicycle using all of the headset parts.
  2. Install the headset spacers (these might not be required) and stem on the steerer, and lightly tighten the stem clamp bolt(s).
  3. Mark the steerer tube with a scribe at the top edge of the stem.

How much air does a Fox 32 fork take?

All other FOX forks can use up to a 203mm rotor (including SC 29in). Do not exceed maximum air pressure: 32 FLOAT maximum air pressure is 140 psi. 32 TALAS maximum air pressure is 200 psi.

How do you unlock the fork on a Talas RLC-Fox?

Rotate the lever fully clockwise to lockout the fork. This position is useful in climbing and sprinting situations, but will sag with the riders weight. The fork will “blowoff” in the event that a big hit is encountered with the fork locked out. To unlock the fork, simply rotate the lever fully counterclockwise.

Where is the rebound knob on Talas RLC-Fox?

Screw the blue aircap back on, and go ride. Force required to compress a spring one inch. will self adjust to the proper setting and rate as TALAS is adjusted to shorter travel positions. The rebound knob (shown below) is located on the top of the right fork leg, and has 12 clicks of adjustment.

Where is the compression lockout on Talas RLC?

If you increase your spring rate or air pressure, you will need to slow down your rebound. Too fast and you will experience poor traction and wheel hop. If you decrease your spring rate or air pressure, you will need to speed up your rebound setting. The blue compression lockout lever is located below the red rebound adjuster knob.

Can you use a high pressure pump on a Talas Racing Shox?

Hold the TALAS lever steady with one hand while unscrewing the aircap with the other. This will facilitate removal of the aircap and also protect the TALAS lever from being forced past its stops. Attach a FOX Racing Shox High Pressure Pump to the Schrader valve.

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