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How did Mohammad Reza Pahlavi come to power?

How did Mohammad Reza Pahlavi come to power?

His dream of what he referred to as a “Great Civilization” (Persian: تمدن بزرگ ‎, romanized: tamadon-e bozorg) in Iran led to a rapid industrial and military modernization, as well as economic and social reforms. Mohammad Reza came to power during World War II after an Anglo-Soviet invasion forced the abdication of his father, Reza Shah Pahlavi.

Who are the children of Reza Pahlavi of Iran?

They had four children together: Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi (born 31 October 1960), heir to the now defunct Iranian throne. Princess Farahnaz Pahlavi (born 12 March 1963); Prince Ali-Reza Pahlavi (28 April 1966 – 4 January 2011); Princess Leila Pahlavi (27 March 1970 – 10 June 2001).

Who was the second wife of the Shah of Iran?

The Shah’s second wife was Soraya Esfandiary-Bakhtiari, a half-German half-Iranian woman and the only daughter of Khalil Esfandiary, Iranian Ambassador to West Germany, and his wife, the former Eva Karl.

What did Mohammad Reza do in the White Revolution?

From 1960 to 1963 Mohammad Reza carried out a national development program called the White Revolution, which expanded transportation networks, fostered dam and irrigation projects, helped eradicate disease, boosted literacy, and encouraged industrial growth and land reform.

Who are the siblings of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi?

Mohammad Reza was born along with his twin sister, Ashraf. However, Shams, Mohammad Reza, Ashraf, Ali Reza, and their older half-sister, Fatimeh, were not royalty by birth, as their father did not become Shah until 1925.

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