How can I go to Bhutan from Siliguri?

How can I go to Bhutan from Siliguri?

Bagdogra Airport is the most befitting option to reach Bhutan from Siliguri by air. Located only 12km away from the heart of Siliguri, this airport has direct as well connecting flights to Bhutan. Both Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines operate flights from this airport to Paro International Airport in Bhutan.

Can you fly direct to Bhutan?

With no direct flights to Bhutan, travelers will need to get flights to other airports in order to get to one of the nine cities in Asia with flights to Bhutan, as there are no direct flights into Asia.

How can I go to Bhutan from West Bengal?

Indian tourists can take a train to either Hasimara or New Jalpaiguri in the Indian state of West Bengal and further take a taxi to Phuentsholing, the border town in Bhutan. While New Jalpaiguri Railway Station is located at a distance of 155 km, Hasimara is only 18 km from Phuentsholing.

Is there any flight from Bagdogra to Bhutan?

How many airlines fly direct from Bagdogra to Paro? There is one airline that flies direct from Bagdogra to Paro.

Why is Bhutan so expensive?

Bhutan is so expensive because there are a number of things that the fees cover. From standard accommodation and meals, to internal taxes and tourism royalty fees; there are a lot of things that the daily fee covers. However, despite these fees, a tour of Bhutan is still an amazing trip to embark upon.

Is Bhutan better than Sikkim?

Bhutan has better architecture of the monuments than Sikkim and its tourist spots are less commercialized. During the tourist season, Sikkim is also crowded with domestic tourists. Traditional food however is different in both Sikkim and Bhutan. Since you have 13days, you can visit both.

Is Bhutan safe?

Bhutan is a very safe country to visit, crime is uncommon, even petty crime! The country has no traffic lights, there are traffic wardens instead and the locals love it. The production and sale of tobacco are illegal, as are hunting and fishing (except for catch and release).

Where do I fly into Bhutan?

Paro Airport
Paro Airport is Bhutan’s only international airport. Its two national carriers are Drukair and Bhutan Airlines. There are several cities to fly from, but the most common flights depart from Bangkok, Delhi, Singapore and Kathmandu.

Is Bhutan visa free for Indian?

No, Indian citizens do not require a visa to enter Bhutan for tourism purpose. Indians travelling by air will be issued a free Entry Permit upon arrival into Bhutan.

Is alcohol allowed in Bhutan?

Alcohol is highly available in Bhutan. According to a report published last June, there is one alcohol outlet for every 177 Bhutanese. While there are strictly enforced bans on illicit alcohol, cheap industrial alcohol is easily available in retail stores.

Are unmarried couples allowed in Bhutan?

Hi there is no problem to visit for unmarried couple to visit Bhutan. You can obtain the permit and make sure to have you hotels booking confirmation.

Can I wear shorts in Bhutan?

You can’t wear jeans, wrap your jacket around your waist, or have your jacket unbuttoned or unzipped. No hats, shorts, short skirts, flip-flops, or t-shirts can be worn inside. Travelers aren’t expected to wear the traditional kira, but you should make sure your clothing covers your arms and legs.

Which is the best airline to fly from Siliguri to Bhutan?

Bagdogra is the only way to avail Siliguri to Bhutan flight. There are regular flights to Paro flying out of Bagdogra, operated by Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines. Druk Air is the national carrier of Bhutan and also the flag-bearer of the dragon symbol.

Is there a flight from Thimphu to Siliguri?

By Air: Siliguri to Thimphu flights are there to avail the air route between the two cities. The closest airport to Siliguri is the Bagdogra Airport, which is only 23 minutes’ drive away. There are weekly flights operated by Bhutan’s national carrier Druk Air to Paro Airport in Bhutan.

Which is the nearest airport to Bhutan from India?

The cost for this border to border trip is minimal. The nearest airport in India is Bagdogra which is located some 9 km away from Siliguri. The airport has flights coming in from major Indian cities such as Mumbai and Delhi. It also has international connectivity with Bhutan through flights to the Paro Airport.

How long is the flight from Kolkata to Bhutan?

From the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata,one can take a flight to Paro International Airport, the only international airport in Bhutan. Bhutan Airlines (private) and Druk Air (national) operate a number of direct flights to and from Paro every week. The duration is around 1 hour 30 minutes. Option 2:

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