Does Ulric like Chloe Glitter Force?

Does Ulric like Chloe Glitter Force?

Many fans think that Emily and Ulric are a couple, but in the episode “Glitter Kids”, Ulric is turned into a baby and is seen blushing and acting like he has a crush on Chloe.

Which PreCure is Glitter Force?

Smile Pretty Cure!
Glitter Force is the opening theme to the titular series Glitter Force, the English adaptation of Smile Pretty Cure!, as well as Glitter Force Doki Doki, the English adaptation of Doki Doki! Pretty Cure.

What are the Glitter Force girls names?

The Glitter Force consists of five girls, named Emily, (Glitter Lucky) Kelsey, (Glitter Sunny) Lily, (Glitter Peace) April, (Glitter Spring) and Chloe (Glitter Breeze).

Who is the leader of the Glitter Force?

Emily (Miyuki Hoshizora in the original Japanese version, also known as Glitter Lucky (Cure Happy in the original version)), is the main protagonist in Glitter Force and also the leader of the Glitter Force.

What was Ulric before he was a wolf?

History. Ulric was originally a pixie named Ricky, but as the wolf who played the role of a fairy tale villain, he was mistreated by the other fairy tale creatures, until Rascal turned him into Ulric to serve Nogo.

Is glitter force a copy of Mew Mew Power?

Series information Mew Mew Precure (ミュー・ミュー・プレキュアMiyu Miyu Purikyua in Japan) is a fanmade precure series. The English dub available on Netflix is called Glitter Force: Mew Mew Power, while the other English dub is just called Mew Mew Precure.

When did glitter force end?

January 27, 2013
Smile PreCure!/Final episode date

Who are the villains in glitter force?

Glitter Force Villains

  • Rascal.
  • Glitter Shadow Force.
  • Buffoon.
  • Emperor Nogo.

Who is Ulric Warhammer?

Ulric is the God of Battle, Wolves and Winter in the pantheon of the Old World. He is the younger brother of Taal. He is portrayed as a massive warrior, armoured in the style of the barbarians who inhabited The Empire several centuries ago, wearing a silver grey wolf-skin cloak, and wielding a great axe.

How old is Ira Glitter Force Doki Doki?

30,000 years old
In the original uncut version of Glitter Force Doki Doki (Doki Doki Precure) Bel mentions that they now need to have another 10,000 year nap, this means Ira could be over 30,000 years old.


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