Does the BBC offer work experience?

Does the BBC offer work experience?

The BBC provides over 1000 Work Experience opportunities every year, right across the organisation: from Radio or TV to Business and Support. They are your chance to use cutting edge equipment, make contacts – even see how well your ideas are received. Just remember to be professional and ask lots of questions.

How do I get work experience on my TV?

Top Tips for finding work experience in the TV industry

  1. Do Your Research. When looking at companies to get work experience from, research the type of programmes each company makes in order to tailor your CV and covering letter accordingly.
  2. Be Persistent.
  3. Your CV.
  4. Your Cover Letter.
  5. Think Outside the Box.
  6. Call Don’t Email.

What time do BBC job applications close?

“@BBCRecruitment: The deadline for BBC Work Experience applications is midnight this Sunday. bbc.co.uk/careers/work-e …”

Can you work at 16 in the UK?

In the UK, the youngest a person can work is 13 years old! But most teenagers start working from the age of 16, which is the minimum school leaving age a young person can get a full-time job. There are a lot of rules and regulations for young people at work.

How do I become a BBC journalist?

Another avenue that many are unaware of: sign up for their journalism trainee scheme at the BBC Academy. The trainee scheme is announced annually, generally in the first quarter of the year, with an interview session mid-year and the training beginning in the latter half of the year.

Is BBC a good company to work for?

BBC is a great place to work. There’s a lot of openness and collaboration across departments. Management takes good care of people, ensuring are given time to adjust to new situations or solve personal problems so that you perform at your best. The environment is very good.

How long does a BBC work experience last?

We also ask you to express a preference about dates, location and business area and when we have this information we will try and match you with a suitable placement. BBC work experience placements last a minimum of 3 days to a maximum of 10 days.

What happens if you have been employed by the BBC for 12 months?

If you have been employed by the BBC within the last 12 months, we are unable to progress your application, as the purpose of BBC Work Experience is to introduce people to the BBC and its various jobs. Instead, take a look at our current vacancies. I am having issues with my application. How do I get help?

What should be included in a BBC careers profile?

At the heart of our BBC recruitment process is your careers profile. Your careers profile is a bit like an online CV and is similar to your LinkedIn profile (if you have one) and includes details of your skills, experiences, work history and contact details.

How do I apply for a job at the BBC?

The first step in applying for a role is to build your career profile in the BBC Careers Hub. This is where you showcase your skills and experience, search and apply for vacancies, and track your application progress. The BBC Careers Hub lets you: You can edit your profile, and search and apply for roles from your smartphone.

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