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Does Song Sam-Dong lose his hearing?

Does Song Sam-Dong lose his hearing?

Next, we get a major shocker–Samdong’s head trauma from the accident has nothing to do with his current hearing loss! He has a genetic disease, so Hyemi is in no way responsible for his problem.

Did Sam-Dong become deaf?

The final episode shows that Hye-Mi has been in love with Sam-Dong for a while, but didn’t want to hurt Jin-Guk’s feelings. We knew early on that Sam-Dong suffered from tinnitus and feared he was going deaf. We learned in the final episode that he is the one who becomes the international star.

Does Sam-Dong lose his hearing in dream high?

Hyemi finally finds out about Samdong’s hearing loss in a devastating tear-jerker of a scene where he admits to her what he’s been reduced to. They both collapse into bundles of tears.

Does Dream High have a happy ending?

In the final episode of drama “Dream High” on the 28th revealed the lucky K pendant owner. It was singer K, Song Sam-dong who was the first Korean to be a candidate for the Grammy’s. She ran after the bus he was on and put the pendant on his neck. Anyways, “Dream High” ends with everybody being happy.

Who does Suzy end up with?

Start Up Ep 16: Suzy & Nam Joo Hyuk get their happy ending; Kim Seon Ho smiles bright because of Yeo Jin Goo.

Who is Suzy boyfriend?

In March 2018, Suzy and Guardian: The Lonely and Great God star Lee Dong-wook publicly announced their relationship.

What happens Dream High 2?

Synopsis. Like its predecessor Dream High, it follows a group of students at the Kirin High School of Art stars who pursue their dream of becoming K-pop stars. She meets and befriends fellow students, Jin Yoo-jin (Jung Jin-woon) and JB.

Who is Suzy Bae boyfriend 2020?

Bae Suzy is presently not dating anyone and this is as per the reports in Dating Though she has not been engaged earlier, she has been involved in many affairs. She is extremely beautiful and has a huge fan following. The multi-talented artist has been involved in many linkups.

Is Bae Suzy still single?

Just months after going public with their relationship, Korean actor Lee Dong-wook and singer-turned actress Suzy have ended their relationship. The couple announced their split after about four months of publicly acknowledging their relationship.

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