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Does Andy from Hamish and Andy have a girlfriend?

Does Andy from Hamish and Andy have a girlfriend?

Comedian Andy Lee and long-term girlfriend Rebecca Harding bring home their new adorable addition to the family. They have been dating for around seven years.

Is Andy Lee still with Rebecca Harding?

While Andy Lee is filming his new show The Hundred in Sydney, the comedian has been separated from his girlfriend Rebecca Harding. Like many couples in lockdown, they can only reunite over a video call, which can prove tricky, but they gave it a go while making dinner this week.

How long have Andy Lee and Rebecca Harding been together?

six years
The pair have been together for six years and first met in a café, where Bec was waitressing and Andy kept ordering food in order to talk to her. They welcomed little Henri, an Airedale Terrier puppy, into their family earlier this year.

Are Hamish and Andy still mates?

While still a formable duo, Hamish and Andy are not as much of a TV package deal as they used to be with both men doing a series of solo projects most notably Blake on Lego Masters and now Lee with The Cube. Lee said that the pair are flexible with their projects and always keep each other in mind for collaboration.

Did Andy Lee get married?

Andy Lee appears to have accidentally revealed he got married, after being outed by eagle-eyed fans on Instagram. The comedian and his partner Rebecca Hardinghave for years refused to be drawn on rumours they were engaged and now fans think they might have secretly tied the knot.

What type of dog did Andy Lee get?

The comedian, 40, and his model girlfriend adopted an adorable terrier puppy and they introduced her to fans on Monday. Andy shared a sweet video to Instagram of himself holding the pooch and surprising Rebecca: ‘When Bec met Henri. We’ve been waiting for this pup for a long, long time.

Who is Andy Lee’s partner?

Hamish Blake
He was also a member of the Scouting Movement, performing in Camberwell Showtime and Melbourne Gang Show. He then went on to study Commerce at the University of Melbourne, where he met comedic partner Hamish Blake in 2001.

What is Hamish Andy Worth?

He has been performing as one half of the duo Hamish and Andy with Andy Lee since 2003. In addition to performing live and on television they also host the radio program Hamish & Andy….Hamish Blake Net Worth.

Net Worth: $4 Million
Profession: Comedian, Screenwriter, Actor
Nationality: Australia

Who is Andy’s girlfriend Bec?

Comedian Andy Lee and girlfriend Rebecca Harding have been together for six years and counting. And now, they’ve just taken the next big step in their relationship!

What breed is Andy Lees dog?

Welcome the Welshy (aka Tall Terrier). Our newest family member,’ he said. Andy then shared a photo of the couple holding their new dog while smiling for the camera.

What happened to Andy Lee and Hamish Blake?

SCA today confirmed a new long-term partnership with Hamish Blake and Andy Lee. They will continue to produce their weekly podcast, Hamish & Andy, alongside new seasons of Hamish & Andy’s Remembering Project that will be initially published exclusively on LiSTNR from 2022.

Was Andy Hamish’s best man?

Every guest except the couple’s parents, grandparents and siblings were in the bridal party and in a surprise to many, Blake’s radio and TV sidekick Andy Lee wasn’t in the role of the best man. Blake instead chose his Gap Year co-star Ryan Shelton, who he has been friends with since age 14. Lee was a groomsmen.

Who is the other half of Hamish and Andy?

(Error Code: 102630) Eyes have long been on Andy Lee, other half of beloved comedy duo Hamish and his other half, girlfriend Rebecca Harding. The couple have been together over four years, with what looks like very few plans to settle down.

What did Hamish Blake do with Andy Lee?

He’s been one half of the most loved comedy duo on TV and radio for well over a decade, but now Hamish Blake has gone solo, ditching Andy Lee for a gig as the host of LEGO Masters. WATCH Hamish Blake in LEGO Masters below.

Who are Andy Lee and Rebecca Harding married to?

Because we like them and they look so happy together. While his comedy partner Hamish Blake has gone on to marry and have children, Andy, 37 and Rebecca, 27, are in no such rush. So, while we all drum our fingers in anticipation of an ‘Andy Lee Wife’ headline, let’s find out more about Ms Harding… 1. Here is, literally, what she had for breakfast

How is the response to Hamish Blake show?

Hamish continued: “The response has been really heartwarming, just stoked people are having as much fun watching it as everyone had making it, and it really is cool to me that lots of families have made it their show to watch together.” Hamish’s behind-the-scenes sneak peek showed the less glamorous side of the show.

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