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Do they still make peanut butter Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

Do they still make peanut butter Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

An spin-off of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, the initial box for this cereal proclaimed, “Real Peanut Butter In Every Bite.” The cereal was discontinued for a time, but was reintroduced in late 2012. While the cereal was originally introduced in 2004, boxes in stores in 2013 proclaimed “NEW!” in big, bold, blue letters.

Why you shouldn’t eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

Not only that, but according to Spoon University, this cereal offers very little nutritional value, which means that it has negligible amounts of protein and fiber. As pointed out by Harvard, too much sugar isn’t good for you. Excessive sugar consumption has been linked to obesity and heart ailments.

When did Cinnamon Toast Crunch bars come out?

March 5, 1984
Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Product type Breakfast cereal
Owner General Mills
Country U.S.
Introduced March 5, 1984
Markets U.S.

What are the top 3 ingredients in Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

Ingredients. Whole Grain Wheat, Sugar, Rice Flour, Canola Oil, Fructose, Maltodextrin, Dextrose, Salt, Cinnamon, Trisodium Phosphate, Soy Lecithin, Caramel Color. BHT Added to Preserve Freshness.

What happened cinnamon Grahams?

First launched in the UK in 1984 under the brand Cinnamon Toast Crunch, before a name change to Cinnamon Grahams, and became a sister brand to the Iconic Golden Grahams cereal, but in 1998, the cinnamon square broke away to become its final form, Curiously Cinnamon, a standalone brand that has stood strong ever since.

Is Cinnamon Toast Crunch the best cereal?

Cinnamon Toast Crunch is the best cereal to start your morning, according to Ranker. Over 72 percent of voters picked cinnamon Toast Crunch as their favorite cereal. The top 10 based on over 169,000 votes are: Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Is cinnamon Toast good for weight loss?

Cinnamon has been shown to reduce some of the bad effects of eating high-fat foods. This can help in an overall weight loss plan. Its effect on blood glucose levels can also help your body ultimately lose weight.

What are the most unhealthy cereals?

15 of The Most Unhealthy Cereals in America

  • 8) Kellogg’s Apple Jacks.
  • 7-6) (Tie) Quaker Oats’ Oh! s.
  • 7-6) (Tie) Cap’n Crunch.
  • 5) Kellogg’s Smorz.
  • 4) Cap’n Crunch’s Oops! All Berries.
  • 3) Kellogg’s Froot Loops Marshmallows.
  • 2) Golden Crisp.
  • 1) Honey Smacks.

What bad ingredient is in Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

This Controversial Ingredient In The Cinnamon Toast Crunch You’re Eating. In February 2015, General Mills, maker of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, announced that it would remove the chemical butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) from its American products.

What happened strawberry Toast Crunch?

Hi Jake, unfortunately, Blueberry and Strawberry Toast Crunch Cereals have been discontinued! We’ll let the rest of our team know you’d like to see them again. My daughter misses Strawberry Toast Crunch so much!!!!!

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