Do independent schools get good results?

Do independent schools get good results?

Private schools have seen an absolute increase in A grades of 9.3 per cent this year – compared to 6.2 per cent among secondary comprehensives. The increase in A grades at private schools was more than double the 3.8 per cent rise seen among students at sixth form colleges.

Why do rich people send their kids to private schools?

It goes like this: Private school parents come from either one of two groups—the rich elite who pay for the most expensive school to shelter their children from witnessing the struggles of real people or the poorer classes who, given the funds, blindly choose a school simply because it is private and/or religious.

Is it better to send your child to private school?

Private School Educations Can Produce Better Outcomes While it is well known that students in private schools tend to test better than their public school counterparts, what people may not realize is that private schools are more likely to have a dedicated staff focused on college admissions.

Why do private schools do better?

Facilities. A further advantage of private schooling is that independent school pupils often have access to better and more diverse facilities than it is possible for the state sector to provide. Many private schools have high quality sports facilities.

Why do we need to know NYC school test results?

The DOE shares test results to help families and educators understand the performance of New York City schools in recent years. Keep in mind that test results are just one measurement of student achievement.

What should my average ISEE score be for college?

In fact, with the exception of the first five schools I mentioned, an average of ‘7’ is considered excellent and should be more than enough to get you into most schools. Or, at least, if you don’t get in it won’t be because of the test scores.

What kind of schools can you get into with an average score of 7?

It’s tough to get into Trinity, Brearley, Dalton, Horace Mann and Collegiate without 8’s and 9’s. Fieldston and Riverdale also like 8’s and 9’s, but it is very likely you’ll get into at least one of those schools if you have an average score of ‘7’.

Where do I Find my charter school test results?

Test results can be found below. Each Excel file contains results for all students tested, as well as results by student characteristics including disability status, English Language Learner (ELL) status, race/ethnicity, and gender. Note: Charter school test results are included in a separate report, found at the bottom of this section.

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