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Did Nobuo Uematsu work on ff12?

Did Nobuo Uematsu work on ff12?

The music of the video game Final Fantasy XII was composed primarily by Hitoshi Sakimoto. Former regular series composer Nobuo Uematsu’s only work for this game was “Kiss Me Good-Bye”, the theme song sung by Angela Aki. The Final Fantasy XII Original Soundtrack was released on four Compact Discs in 2006 by Aniplex.

Who did the music for Final Fantasy 12?

Hitoshi Sakimoto
Final Fantasy XII (2006) was composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto, with six other compositions by Hayato Matsuo and Masaharu Iwata.

Why did Uematsu leave Square?

After nearly two decades with Square, Uematsu left in 2004 to create his own production company, which included the Dog Ear Records music label. He has since composed music as a freelancer for other games, including ones developed by Square Enix and Sakaguchi’s development studio, Mistwalker.

Who are Jack Wall and Tommy Tallarico?

Video Games Live (VGL) is a concert series created by Tommy Tallarico and originally founded by Tallarico and Jack Wall. The concerts consist of segments of video game music performed by a live orchestra with video footage and synchronized lighting and effects, as well as several interactive segments with the audience.

Who composed Chrono Cross?

Yasunori Mitsuda
Chrono Cross/Composers

It began in 1995 with the time travel role-playing video game Chrono Trigger, which spawned two continuations, Radical Dreamers and Chrono Cross. The music of Chrono Cross was composed by Yasunori Mitsuda, the main composer of Chrono Trigger and Radical Dreamers.

What’s the opening theme for Final Fantasy XII?

The original Final Fantasy version, labeled “Opening Theme”, is a playable Event Music Sequence track whose cutscenes depict events from the defeat of Bikke to the battle with Chaos and the Warriors of Light saving the world. Additionally, “FINAL FANTASY ~FFXII Version~” appears as the opening music for the Final Fantasy XII Series Mode play.

Who is the composer of the Final Fantasy theme?

” Final Fantasy ” is a recurring piece of music composed by Nobuo Uematsu in the Final Fantasy series. It has also been called the ” Opening Theme ” and the ” Prologue “, due to it being played during the opening sequences.

What kind of music does Final Fantasy XII have?

Symphonic Poem “Hope” (交響詩「希望」, Kōkyōshi “Kibō”) is a single released by violinist Taro Hakase and is the full version of the game’s ending credits music. The piece has been described as a “mini-symphony” for Final Fantasy XII inspired by the main theme for the game.

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