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Did Justin Bieber say Anne Frank would be a Belieber?

Did Justin Bieber say Anne Frank would be a Belieber?

If Anne Frank had not died a teenager in a Nazi concentration camp in 1945, Justin Bieber hopes she would have been his devoted fan. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber,” Bieber wrote. The tourist site posted the message on its Facebook page.

What did Justin Bieber write in Anne Franks diary?

Justin Bieber has caused outrage with his message in a guestbook at the Anne Frank Museum, saying he hoped the Holocaust victim would have been a fan. The 19-year-old pop idol wrote: “Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl.

Did Justin Bieber go to the Anne Frank House?

“The Anne Frank House was pleased to welcome Justin Bieber to the Anne Frank House last Friday. We think it is very positive that he took the time and effort to visit our museum. . . . We hope that his visit will inspire his fans to learn more about her life and hopefully read the diary.”

What did Justin Bieber do in the Anne Frank House?

Last week, pop singer and teenager Justin Bieber visited the Anne Frank House, a museum dedicated to preserving the memory of a young Jewish girl’s experiences and courage while living under Nazi rule. When leaving, Bieber stopped and signed the guest book.

How old was Justin Bieber when he went to the Anne Frank House?

Bieber, the 19-year-old Canadian pop star on tour, visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam on Friday. Before leaving, he wrote a comment in the guestbook, later posted on the Facebook page for the historic landmark: “Truly inspiring to be able to come here.”

Did Justin Bieber marry Eminem’s daughter?

Bieber is a daughter of Stephen Baldwin and niece of Alec Baldwin. She is married to Canadian singer Justin Bieber and lives in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada….

Hailey Bieber
Years active 2014–present
Spouse(s) Justin Bieber ​ ( m. 2018)​
Parent(s) Stephen Baldwin (father)

How much is Selena Gomez?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Selena Gomez’s net worth in 2021 is an estimated $75 million. Along with her earnings from her Instagram sponsorships and TV and movie career, Selena’s net worth is where it’s at today thanks to a series of other factors—including her brand partnerships, makeup, and clothing lines.

Is Hailey Baldwin Brazilian?

Baldwin was born in Tucson, Arizona, to actor Stephen Baldwin, the youngest of the Baldwin brothers, and graphic designer Kennya Deodato Baldwin. Her mother is a Brazilian of Italian and Portuguese descent, and her father is of English, Irish, Scottish, French, and German descent. Baldwin was home schooled as a child.

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