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Can you turbo a RB20?

Can you turbo a RB20?

Turbos Only There are many turbo upgrade routes one can take with an RB20DET engine. The easiest and cheapest is often upsizing to a larger OEM Nissan turbocharger. The RB25DET turbocharger is a quick and easy bolt-on upgrade to the RB20, is slightly larger, and can provide a bit more boost and power.

What turbo comes on a RB20DET?

Nissan RB20DET Engine Specifications This new version made use of a Garrett T28 turbocharger, running a boost pressure of 7 psi. Below you’ll find the key specifications for the Nissan RB20DET: Production Years: 1985-1993 (Yokohama Plant) Cylinder Block Alloy: Cast-iron.

How many cylinders does a RB20 have?

The RB20DET uses an inline six-cylinder configuration.

What does the RB20 come in?

The RB20DET was first introduced in 1986, fitted into the R31 Nissan Skyline (the GT Passage, GTS Turbo, GTS-R, GTS-R and GTS Autech variants). It went on to join it’s larger siblings (RB25DET, RB26DETT) in the R32 generation Nissan Skyline.

What kind of engine does the Nissan RB20 use?

The RB20P, with 12 valves and a single-cam design, is the only one to use liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). It gets 93 HP at 5,600 RPM. The RB20DET-R produces 207 HP at 6,400 RPM. Finally, the RB20DE NEO generates 153 HP. This engine is unique for its turbo-charged capacity and direct fuel injection technology.

Are there any turbo upgrades for the RB20DET?

Trust (Greddy) produces various bolt on and full upgrade turbo kits for the RB20DET series of engines. Various power outputs, from slightly more than stock to a ton more than stock, are available. The most widely regarded Trust turbo kit available for the RB20DET engine is the TD06-20G full turbo upgrade.

What kind of engine is RB20DET silver top?

Such modified engine is usually called RB20DET Silver top. RB20DET Silver top camshafts have duration 240/240 deg, lift 7.8/7.8 mm. It increased the power to 215 HP at 6,400 RPM. RB20DET was discontinued in 1993, being substituted with naturally aspirated RB25DE with almost the same power.

What’s the maximum psi for a RB20 Turbo?

Maximum recommended boost is 14 psi with a safe tune. For the best results, transfer the wastegate actuator from your RB20 turbo onto your RB25 turbo, as it has a higher base-boost pressure than the RB25 actuator. The video below demonstrates what an RB20 equipped with an RB25 turbocharger is capable of doing on a racetrack.

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