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Can you surgically remove an ulcer?

Can you surgically remove an ulcer?

The most effective procedure for peptic ulcer disease is truncal vagotomy-antrectomy, which has a recurrence rate of less than 1%. The procedure with the least morbidity and the fewest undesirable side effects is proximal gastric vagotomy.

Can you eat after ulcer surgery?

Yes. After surgery you may not be able to eat or drink right away. When your body is ready, your doctor will likely tell you to follow a clear fluid diet for 1 to 3 days. This means you will not be able to eat solid foods.

What can I eat after perforated ulcer surgery?

During this post-operative period you need to eat light, bland, but nutritious foods (milk shakes, custard, smoothies, yoghurt, pureed cooked or canned fruit that is not acid like apples, peaches or pears, soups (strain through sieve or liquidise), jelly and meal replacements such as Ensure or the Fresenius range ( …

How long is hospital stay after ulcer surgery?

The patient may have to stay in the hospital for three-seven days after the surgery.

Can ulcer come back after surgery?

Most stomach ulcers take a few months to heal after treatment. However, stomach ulcers can come back after treatment, although this is less likely to happen if the underlying cause is addressed.

How long is a hospital stay for a bleeding ulcer?

Among patients with bleeding ulcers, the inpatient mortality (death) rate was 2.5 percent, the average length of hospital stay was 4.9 days, and the average hospital charges exceeded $28,000.

How do I know if my ulcer has perforated?

Symptoms of a perforated ulcer may include:

  1. Sudden, severe pain in the belly (abdomen), usually in the upper abdomen.
  2. Pain spreading to the back or shoulder.
  3. Upset stomach (nausea) or vomiting.
  4. Lack of appetite or feeling full.
  5. Swollen belly or feeling bloated.

Can ulcers cause death?

A severely bleeding ulcer can cause rapid loss of blood and possibly death if left untreated.

Can ulcer be cured permanently?

Q: Can an ulcer be completely cured? A: If you have peptic ulcer disease, which can involve stomach ulcers and/or duodenal ulcers of the small intestine, the answer is yes! These ulcers can be completely healed.

What do hospitals do for stomach ulcers?

Antibiotics. If your ulcer is caused by H. pylori bacteria, antibiotics can cure the ulcer. Usually, the doctor will prescribe triple or quadruple therapy, which combines several antibiotics with heartburn drugs.

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