Can you start a Kia Soul with the key?

Can you start a Kia Soul with the key?

You can start the vehicle using the remote start button B on the smart key. To start the vehicle remotely: • Lock the doors by pressing the door lock button within 32 feet (10 meters) distance from the vehicle. Within 4 seconds after locking the doors, press and hold the remote start button B .

How much does it cost to replace a Kia Soul key?

In short, replacing a Kia Soul key can cost between $130 to $440. The cost depends on a number of factors: The type of key you need.

How do you start a Kia Soul with a dead key fob?

You can either use your physical key tucked neatly away inside the key fob itself, or you can get a replacement battery: Starting the Car – If you notice the battery in your key fob losing power, simply hold the key fob to the remote start button. Simply use the key to push the button to start.

Can electronic car keys be replaced?

A auto locksmith can cut, program/reprogram & provide replacement car keys for remote fobs and transponder keys for most vehicle manufacturers, if your car key is damaged then a locksmith should be able to repair & provide a replacement set.

How much is a Kia replacement key?

How Much Does It Cost to replace a Kia Key? A new Kia key fob ranges between $250 and $300. However, the price may vary from one dealer to another. At the dealer, a Kia metal key with no chip ranges between $29 and $80.

Why won’t my key turn in my Kia Soul?

While there are a variety of reasons your Kia Soul key won’t turn, the most common 3 are a binding steering column/lock, an ignition switch issue, or a problem with the ignition key.

Is there a replacement key for a Kia Soul?

For Kia Soul models that are older than 10 years: There are no codes available. Therefore, an automotive locksmith is your only option to get a replacement key. For Kia Soul models that are equipped with a transponder system and/or remote/ intelligent key/ fob key: Codes are available.

When did the Kia Soul FOB come out?

And more. Kia Soul was introduced in 2009. This model has four versions (Kia Soul EV, Kia Soul w/Prox, Kia Soul w/regular ignition, Kia Soul (Canada)) and thirteen types of keys. Dealer Fob: 2021 (We will update the right type of key once this model is released.

How does the immobilizer system work on a Kia Soul?

With the immobilizer system, whenever you insert your ignition key into the ignition switch and turn it to ON, it checks and determines and verifies if the ignition key is valid. If the key is determined to be valid, the engine will start. If the key is determined to be invalid, the engine will not start.

Can you replace the transponder on a Kia Soul?

If you lost or broke keyless remote starter or chipped transponder key for your Kia Soul we will help you replace it for a fraction of a cost. Keyless entry remote for your Kia Soul does not have to be expensive. Our prices on Kia Forte remotes are cheap comparing to your local dealer prices.

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