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Can you mix paint with shaving cream?

Can you mix paint with shaving cream?

We love shaving cream over here! You can spray it on a table and let the kids get messy without any stains! By mixing tempera paint into a cup of shaving cream, your paint will go farther, the colors will be more brilliant as they dry and the paint is no longer spill-able as the shaving cream makes it stick to the cup.

How do you make a shaving cream paint?


  1. Mix together equal parts shaving cream and glue. We use 1/2 cup of each per color we are making.
  2. Add food dye.
  3. Stir everything together and then paint!

How do you use shaving cream for art?

Shaving Cream Puffy Paint Add some glue to a shaving cream and food coloring mixture, put it onto little baggies, then cut off the tip and you have shaving cream puffy paint that kids can create with! They can use paintbrushes, as well, and make colorful creations that will adorn your fridge for days to come.

What can I make with shaving cream?

Here are 36 amazing kid projects using shaving cream! Make foam dough. Try shaving cream painting. Play with shaving cream balloons….Make a rain cloud in a jar.

  • Whip up a batch of homemade bath paint.
  • Take it a step further and make bath paint that glows!
  • Get creative with rainbow puffy paint.
  • Make sand FOAM!

Can toddlers play with shaving cream?

Shaving cream is safe for toddlers to play with under careful adult supervision.

How do you make foam paint?

Mix equal parts of shaving cream and food coloring(as best you can)into the zip locked bag. Then mix the food coloring within the bag with shaving cream and glue. Make sure you seal the bag. Squish the bag together until all 3 ingredients are mixed.

What type of paint is used for marbling?

acrylic paint
The marbling process involves floating acrylic paint on top of a base of thickened water, swirling and moving the paint into unique patterns, then dipping in a piece of wood that will be stained with the pattern.

What can you do with left over shaving cream?

Make foam dough. Try shaving cream painting. Play with shaving cream balloons….Get creative outside with sidewalk foam paint.

  1. Paint puffy paint watermelons.
  2. Make your own pumpkin puffy paint.
  3. Improve kids handwriting while having fun with a sensory writing bag.
  4. Practice writing letters in shaving cream.

How do you change the color of shaving cream?

Squirt two dollops of shaving cream onto the work surface and add a few drops of food colouring or washable paint onto the top of each dollop. Choose two of the primary colours – red, blue or yellow to mix together to make a secondary colour.

Why is shaving cream paint process art for kids?

Process art is a project that allows kids to be creative instead of focusing on the finished project. This shaving cream paint is just that, but it also makes gorgeous pictures that are sure to please parents too.

Can you use shaving cream as an art suspension?

Shaving Cream Art: A lesson in what not to do. I’ve been seeing some art lessons lately that feature shaving cream as a suspension for watercolor paints. This type of printing project looks like a good deal of fun and to be honest, was curious to see how it would turn out.

How do you remove paint from shaving cream?

Take your “scraper” and scrape away the shaving cream. The paint stays behind, leaving a lovely marbled painted look on your paper. 7. Repeat several times. Your shaving cream and paint will eventually get kind of muddled. However, we were able to do this 10-12 times easily before that began to happen.

What kind of paint to use for shaving cream?

Add a layer of shaving cream to the bottom of your container. Just enough to cover the bottom. Dot and drizzle with paints of your choice. I used acrylic paints. Gently swirl the paint into the shaving cream. Just a couple passes to distribute the color, but not so much that the colors begin to blend into one shade.

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