Can you legally buy Entonox?

Can you legally buy Entonox?

Please note: The sale of Entonox cylinders is restricted. You will require authorisation from a registered healthcare professional to purchase Entonox gas cylinders.

What Colour cylinder is Entonox?

The colour coding of the shoulders of Entonox cylinders is quartered blue (RAL 5010) and white (RAL 9010). The colour coding of the cylinder body is white (RAL 9010). Cylinders also carry the ENTONOX name on the body of the cylinder. For a limited period, cylinders may have blue bodies.

Can I get gas and air at home?

Gas and air is a combination of oxygen and nitrous oxide gas. It’s also referred to as Entonox. Happily, your midwife can bring it with them to your home birth. So you can access gas and air at home.

Is Entonox nitrous oxide?

Entonox is a gas which you breathe in to help make pain better. It can also produce feelings of relaxation, which can help you to feel less nervous about being treated by the doctors and nurses. It is a mixture of 50% nitrous oxide and 50% oxygen.

Can ENTONOX be prescribed?

In the UK, Entonox is not classed as a Prescription Only Medicine (POM) but is designated as a Pharmacy (P) product. This means that it does not require a doctor’s prescription, but must be issued by a pharmacist, who may be unwilling to do so without confirmation from a doctor.

How do you use ENTONOX cylinder?

To breathe your ENTONOX you will either be given a face mask or mouthpiece. The mask or mouthpiece is connected to a demand valve system which only delivers ENTONOX to you as you breathe in. ENTONOX will begin to take effect immediately when you start to inhale the gas.

Is ENTONOX flammable?

Nitrous oxide is non-flammable but strongly supports combustion (including some materials which do not normally burn in air). It is highly dangerous when nitrous oxide comes into contact with oils, greases and tarry substances due to the risk of spontaneous combustion.

Can entonox be prescribed?

Can I give birth at home?

What are the possible risks of a planned home birth? While most pregnant women who choose to have planned home births deliver without complications, research suggests that planned home births are associated with a higher risk of infant death and seizures than are planned hospital births.

Is ENTONOX safe in pregnancy?

One option for pain relief in labour is nitrous oxide mixed with oxygen. It is also called Entonox, laughing gas or just gas. Gas can help with pain relief, and it is safe for you and your baby.

Can ENTONOX be self administered?

Entonox is self-administered; this means that you have control when using the gas. A nurse who has undergone training will supervise you and remain with you during the procedure.

Is ENTONOX the same as laughing gas?

Entonox® is a gas – a mixture of half oxygen and half nitrous oxide that is used for pain relief. Entonox® can also be called ‘gas and air’ or ‘laughing gas’.

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