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Can you drift an AW11?

Can you drift an AW11?

Indeed the AW11 can drift, but in mildly modified form it can’t do what the traditional FR drift cars can. You’re precisely right, the heavy rear weight bias and low power/torque combine to make things difficult. Second gear drifting is where it really works.

Is a Toyota MR2 good for drifting?

You simply cannot drift an MR2 very well without a very large amount of power. To get that power you are going to have to use a large turbo which creates lag which basically makes it impossible to drift.

Is the MR2 sw20 a good drift car?

Of course a “properly” setup MR2 can drift better than a 240… it all depends on the driver. But bottomline, MR2s are terrible cars to drift in. The 43/57 weight ratio isn’t much to work with when taking part in a “sport” involving perfect balance for the most part.

Can you drift a MR2 Spyder?

I drift my spyder on wet days for fun. It does not really have the power to pull it off on dry concrete sucesfully. Like previously said throw it into a turn with a clutch kick or initiate the turn in with a over powered shift from 1st to 2nd gear….

Can you daily drive an MR2?

Like almost any other sports car, the MR2 is a two-door, two-seat car that has minimal storage and is relatively loud. It’s fun to drive, but that doesn’t mean it’s a practical car or a good option for a daily driver.

Can you drift a rear engined car?

I hesitated when I wrote this because I am well aware that mid and rear engine cars can drift with relative ease. Also if we are picky the RX7 is a sort of mid-engine as the engine sits behind the front axle. However, front engine rear wheel drive cars have a good set up to learn to drift with.

What engine layout is best for drifting?

There are some obvious parameters to follow here. The ideal car layout for drifting will be front-engined, with a manual gearbox and the driven wheels at the back. If you want to be able to drift without the aid of two pilfered fast-food trays, RWD is the most important box to tick.

What causes snap oversteer?

Snap oversteer is induced when the throttle is lifted while midway through a corner (lift-off oversteer), often by inexperienced drivers trying to reduce speed after braking too little.

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